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Innovative Medicine is honored to have true pioneers and visionary physicians as part of our Medical Advisory Board. These notable leaders in their respective fields aid in guiding Innovative Medicine through their medical expertise and clinical experience.

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Thomas K. Szulc, M.D.

Medical Director

Medical Director
Thomas K. Szulc M.D. is board-certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and had been Chief of Pain Services at North Shore University Hospital in Plainview, N.Y. for over 12 years. He has been using biological medicine as part of an integrated medical practice since 1985.

Dr. Szulc had spent an enormous amount of time studying many different aspects of human health. He has obtained thousands of hours of special training, working directly with world leaders in many medical fields. Dr. Szulc was also a visiting professor at Yale University Medical School conducting clinical research studies of the efficacy of Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy and Low Level Energy Laser Therapy.

In addition to his vast experience with multiple sophisticated integrative modalities, Dr. Szulc is also the creator of Bioresonance Analysis of Health – an advanced evaluation system that utilizes quantum principles to analyze all aspects of a patients health and develop a highly specific and personalized program of treatment. find out more about B.A.H.

His private practice, Manhattan Advanced Medicine, is closely related with the Paracelsus Klinic in Switzerland and attracts patients from around the world (note: Dr. Szulc is currently on sabbatical). Dr. Szulc’s philosophy is one of maintaining the highest standard of medical excellence while preserving a personalized approach to the care of a patients’ complicated conditions.

Dr. Thomas K. Szulc, M.D.


Dr. Szulc's Book
The Art of Medicine: The Principles of Energy in Medical Sciences

In the Art of Medicine, Dr. Thomas K. Szulc, M.D. explores the vast historical and scientific support of what is the basis for a whole new paradigm of medicine and health. From Hermetic and Paraselsian teachings to 21st century advanced quantum physics, this sophisticated approach of diagnosis and treatment focuses on qualitative information rather than biochemical quantitative results. Labeled as the medicine of the future by many practitioners in a variety of fields, the theories and techniques brought to light in this book help to build an understanding of all the aspects of the human body: physical, biochemical, mental, emotional and spiritual; as well as the true underlying causes of disease.

On the Site

   Bioresonance Analysis of Health        running time: 3:59
A revolutionary new system created by renowned physician Dr. Thomas K. Szulc, M.D. that allows precise and specific programs of treatment tailored to the individual patient.

   Decoding Complex Cases with B.A.H. running time: 54:05
Dr. Thomas K. Szulc offers clinical experience and information about the successful use of an advanced diagnostic and evaluation system known as Bioresonance Analysis of Health for complex medical cases such as Lyme disease.

   Soluna Detoxification Therapy 1 page pdf
The vast amount of exogenous and endogenous toxins is one of the leading determinants of modern day diseases. Dr. Szulc provides his clinical experience with Soluna Detoxification Therapy for maximum efficacy.

Jeffrey Morrison, M.D.

Medical Advisor

Medical Advisor
Jeffrey A. Morrison, M.D. is an award-winning physician and nutritionist focusing on environmental and integrative medicine. Trained and board certified as a family practitioner, Dr. Morrison opened The Morrison Center in 2002 in New York City to help patients optimize their health and overcome disease through integrative medicine and nutrition.

Since then, he has become well known for his ability to alleviate symptoms from unknown causes and for treating and reversing the effects of degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and many other ailments.

Previously, Dr. Morrison was on the medical staff at the Atkins Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, where he worked under Dr. Robert Atkins, developer of the low carbohydrate lifestyle. He later became the medical director of the Wellness Medical Center of Integrative Medicine.

Today, in addition to tending to his busy practice, Dr. Morrison appears regularly on television and radio, writes journal articles and chapters for textbooks, and has lectured throughout the country in the field of integrative and complementary medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) as well as a lecturer and Board Member for the American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).

For more information about Dr. Morrison please visit his web site,

Dr. Jeffrey Morrison

Mark Berkowitz, D.D.S.

Medical Advisor

Medical Advisor
Dr. Mark Berkowitz graduated from NYU Dental School in 1975 at the top of his class and has been practicing Biological Dentistry for the past 15 years. He also obtained a degree as a classical homeopath, with 5 plus years of training under the world renown Dr. Luc DeSchepper. He has lectured with and taught alkaline diets with Dr. Robert O. Young who wrote the Ph Miracle series of books.

Dr. Berkowitz acts on the Board of Directors of the largest Biological Dental Group, the International Academy of Oral Medicine And Toxicology (IAOMT). He is currently obtaining his naturopathic degree and is a Soluna Certified Practitioner. Dr. Berkowitz has been honored by winning “Top Physicians of the World” as well as Best Dentists Awards in the US.

Dr. Mark Berkowitz

James Bowman, M.D., N.D.

Medical Advisor


Medical Advisor
Dr. James Bowman began his studies in science and medicine at the Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany. In addition to the classical studies in medicine, he has studied further to earn credentials in naturopathic medicine and homeopathy. He returned to the United States for further study and completed a MD degree in Alternative Medicine through the Open International University College of Medicine in Sri Lanka. His office, Alternative Health Concepts (located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin), provides high quality family healthcare services to children and adults using safe, natural, proven effective alternative methods.

He has been using a European Biological Medicine for numerous years and is skilled with the Soluna remedy line. His comprehensive understanding of spagyric homeopathic medicine help achieve wonderful results in many complex cases.

For further information about Dr. Bowman, pleases visit

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