auto-blood therapy
Information Therapy

Pharmacist Beat Krummenacker outlines the use of Spagyric Autohemotherapy in clinical use

rhythm therapy
Restoring Proper Biorhythms

Soluna Rhythm Therapy – with insights from T.S. Wiley and Dr. Thomas Szulc

Spagyric Medicine

A look at this proven and advanced therapeutic system of medicine

spagyric medicine
The Mastery of Spagyric Medicine

A in-depth look at the history and current viability of spagyric medicine

Spagyric Healing Methods
Spagyric Healing Methods

Dr. Lanninger-Bolling explains spagyric medicine processing and understanding

Innovative Medicine Patient Doctor
The Body Burden

Dr. Morrison outlines the barrel model of toxicity and effective drainage remedies.

The Role of Energy in Nature and Our Body

Dr. Hanoch Talmor describes EM stress and Masaru Emoto’s work

Innovative Medicine Spagyric Plants
Spagyric Plant Essences

The advanced production process of spagyric plant essences.

Virus Immune Response
Nature vs Pharma in Fighting Epidemics

Medical options for the growing problems of evolving epidemics

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