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Innovative Medicine is proud to support Naturopaths Without Borders - a charitable organization providing natural health care to impoverished communities. To help this beneficial cause, we have pledged to donate $1 for every order a practitioner places online through In this manner, practitioners are not only taking the proper steps to aid their patients, they are also helping those across the globe that most need medical help.

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To provide Naturopathic health care to impoverished communities, while empowering those communities through education, supporting growth and cultivating sustainable resources.


In ten years, NWB will operate a network of community health projects, starting with the first international site in 2012, and a second site in 2014. This model combines long-term Naturopathic healthcare with interventions to foster healthy communities including education, gardening, sanitation, economic development, technology, and other needs. To accomplish this, NWB will unify the community of Naturopathic doctors, students, advisors, donors, and allies within international/domestic communities. NWB envisions a world where every person has access to Naturopathic healthcare and the resources to create and sustain healthy lives and communities.

Non-Profit Status

Naturopaths Without Borders is a registered 501c3. More information can be found using the following link. IRS Letter

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