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What does it mean to be an Innovative Medicine Practitioner?

When you become an Innovative Medicine Practitioner, you join us as a pioneering member of a new paradigm in medicine and health. Together, we work to bridge the gap between modern science and mainstream medicine by applying the most fundamental scientific discoveries and advanced quantum physics to the human being in such ways that have proven to bring about the best in healing, recovery and true illness prevention. The time is now - become an Innovative Medicine Practitioner.Join Innovative Medicine Getting Started

5 Reasons to Open an Innovative Medicine Account:

5 Reasons to open an Innovative Medicine Account

    • Access to the Highest Quality Medicines - As an Innovative Medicine Practitioner, you will have access to the remarkable line of time-tested Soluna Spagyric Medicines - a simplistic yet highly advanced and complete healing system. One of the best solutions medicine has to offer for all your patient's needs – sure to provide excellent results as well as increase the effectiveness of other therapies by supporting the body’s natural ability to heal on all levels.  Real Results
    • Cutting Edge Biological Medicine Training - Enroll in our cutting edge biological medicine training seminars where you will learn methods and techniques that cannot be found anywhere else. – hear what practitioners are saying.
    • Stay in the Loop of Advanced Integrative Medicine - Receive the latest medical articles and case reviews that are revolutionizing the world of medicine. In addition, Innovative Medicine Practitioners receive regular announcements on early registration discounts and product specials.
    • Grow Your Network and Reach More Patients - Join our trusted physician's network, contribute articles and cases of your own, and boost your presence through referral links and a listing in our Innovative Medicine Physician's Directory. - We connect patients seeking the best in biological and integrative medicine with the practitioners who can provide it to them. Submit a proposal 
    •  Unparalleled Support - Focusing on quality as a corner stone, Innovative Medicine seeks to provide you with all the tools and support necessary to bring your practice to soaring new heights.


"The information presented in this course [B.A.H.] is comprehensive, insightful and has advanced my understanding of the interplay between mind, body and spirit and the practice of medicine."

Dr. Jeffrey Morrison, MD

"Practicing medicine for over 50 years, after learning about Bioresonance Analysis of Health, it became clear that this method will be recognized as the direction into which medicine should proceed…  "

Dr. Frank Suatoni, MD

Additional Benefits

  • New Medical Practitioner's Therapy Handbook
  • Updates and free access to our popular web events and breaking news
  • Hard copy case reviews, articles, literature, and professional practitioners catalogs upon request
  • Stored and secure account access to past orders + invoices, addresses and payment methods, downloadable products and more
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