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Get more detailed information about the advanced medicine and techniques Innovative Medicine provides. Your practitioner may utilize sophisticated medicines and methods that you don't quite understand, but we're here to help. An informed patient is a healthier patient, so feel free to view the following pieces of information:

Soluna Nr. 1 Alcangrol
Nr. 1 Alcangrol

for metabolic processes + more

Soluna Nr. 2 Aquavit
Nr. 2 Aquavit

for fatigue, rhythm therapy + more

Soluna Nr. 3 Azinat
Nr. 3 Azinat

for strengthening of the immune system + rheumatic disorders

Soluna Nr. 4 Cerebretik
Nr. 4 Cerebretik

for proper brain / CNS functioning + more

Soluna Nr. 5 Cordiak
Nr. 5 Cordiak

for cardiovascular support + more

Soluna Nr. 6 Dyscrasin
Nr. 6 Dyscrasin

for skin conditions + more

Soluna Nr. 7 Epidemik
Nr. 7 Epidemik

for infections + fever

Soluna Nr. 8 Hepatik
Nr. 8 Hepatik

for liver support + detoxification & drainage

Soluna Nr. 9 Lymphatik
Nr. 9 Lymphatik

for lymphatic drainage + detoxification

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