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Soluna Spagyric Medicine      +      Bioresonance Analysis of Health

As a leading quality-driven company, Innovative Medicine is developing a new way of thinking about medicine with sophisticated products and methods focused on meeting the industry's most urgent medical needs and the personal needs of patients.

Innovative Medicine's growing acceptance and established results are a direct outcome of the advanced products and methods that help meet medical needs in various fields such as neurological, Lyme disease, autoimmune, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, women's health, and degenerative conditions.

Our commitment and passion to a new paradigm of medicine is being pioneered by the following products and methods:

Soluna Spagyric Medicine

Specialized Biological Remedies 

Bioresonance Analysis of Health

Diagnostic and Evaluation Method


"The combination of these tools and this method have helped our center to achieve fantastic results. The key is that these systems do not treat conditions; they evaluate and treat the patient and their particular dysfunctions, and do so in the most effective manner."

Thomas K. Szulc, MD

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