Soluna Spagyric Medicines

Soluna Spagyric Medicine
Powerful Biological Medicines
A complete medical system that works on the biochemical, emotional, and informational quantum level - simultaneously

How Soluna Works

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Soluna Homeopathic Medical SystemThe Soluna System
A biological system that combines the best of homeopathy, herbology, and pharmacology to simplify the complex and treat on all levels - biochemical, psycho-emotional, and informational.     what does informational mean?

Soluna Spagyric Medicines provide physicians with a simple, yet truly effective solution to the multi-faceted, complex conditions plaguing modern day patients. With over 95 years of clinical use, this advanced line of 21 medications is suitable for a large number of chronic, degenerative, and psychosomatic diseases and conditions.
Soluna Spagyric Medicine Explained


Spagyric Medicine | Systematic Regulation + | Therapies & Protocols

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Soluna protocols make treatment of the complex simple. Based on over 90 years of clinical experience, you will find a wide range of conditions in which Soluna medications have made a significant positive impact. BACK TO TOP

The Soluna Medications

Advanced Science in a Natural Medicine
The great discoveries of quantum physics and molecular biology now allows us insight into the true therapeutic action of Soluna medications.

Much of the therapeutic actions of the Soluna medicines lie beyond the physical and pure biochemical understanding of healing. Today, quantum mechanics and advanced biological medicine provide us with the answers to exactly how Soluna medicines work so effectively and heal on all levels of the body.
Scientific Basis of Soluna Spagyric Medicine

Pathophysiological Process of Illness | 3 Levels of Healing | PNEI Findings

Real, Repeatable Results
With over 95 years of positive clinical experience, Soluna medicines have proven to be a very effective form of treatment in both acute and complex chronic cases.

Practitioners across the globe continue to realize stellar results in even the most complex diseases and conditions, including Lyme disease, Parkinsonism, autism, hypertension, depression, and a long list of others. Read what the top integrative practitioners are saying about the Soluna medicines and their clinical results.
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Soluna Medicine Training CourseEffective Training Programs
Learning how to best prescribe the Soluna medications is easy with the online training programs available to practitioners.

The Soluna Online Certification Course is an eLearning program available to all health care practitioners looking to utilize Soluna Spagyric Medications in their practice with outstanding results. Learn the fundamentals, scientific background, specific protocols, and best ways to implement this sophisticated medical system into your practice.
  Course accredited by the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry.


Online Certification Course | Soluna Tutorials | Soluna Videos

Soluna Medicine Online Certification Course

Benefits of Soluna

  • Therapeutic Action of 3 Levels
  • Systematic Regulation
  • Natural + Gentle
  • Simple System to Prescribe
  • Effective in Complex Conditions
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