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What are leading medical professionals saying about Innovative Medicine and the products we provide?

The following are unpaid, actual testimonials and endorsements from licensed healthcare practitioners who utilize Innovative Medicine products and methods.

Lair Ribeiro

This type of medicine is a very powerful paradigm shift and very worth taking the time to learn.”

Lair RibeiroMD, International speaker, Author, and former Medical Director Merck Sharp & DohmeDr. Ribeiro’s Site
Thomas K. Szulc

Innovative Medicine is paving the way for the medicine of the future. If every doctor were to take advantage of their medicines, training, and resources, they’d have a much better understanding and appreciation for the field of medicine and much healthier and happier patients – no doubt about this.”

Thomas K. SzulcMD, Medical Director New York Center for Innovative Medicine
Anuroop (Tony) Singh

Innovative Medicine provides a significant opportunity for humanity. We all should embrace this movement and collaborate to step up and move forward.”

Anuroop (Tony) SinghChairman, Max Bupa Health Insurance | Board of Directors, Max Healthcare
Jacqueline Chan

“I just had a follow up of a patient with 30 years of leg edema and hypertension that was resistant to all her medication…180’s over 90’s. All I did was ACMOS energy balancing and the Soluna remedies and her blood pressure is 140/85 and her leg edema is gone. She was so severely edematous that she could barely walk before. I’m amazed!

Jacqueline ChanDO Marin Natural Medicine Clinic
Jeffrey Morrison

“Soluna medicines offer some of the most efficient methods of detoxification I have ever seen. 

Jeffrey MorrisonMD The Morrison Center
Kuba Bryl

I think that Innovative Medicine and Bioresonance Analysis of Health is the way medicine is going. B.A.H. is a very comprehensive assessment; out of a drop of blood can know everything in a patient, including the treatment. So, without spending all the money on all the different tests that are out there, you have a tool, and you have a protocol that you follow that will lead you to finding out what’s appropriate to treat in that patient at this particular time. I think this is the future, and I’m glad I was intelligent enough to be a part of it.”

Kuba BrylLAcPhysician’s Health & Wellness

Case Studies

When medical practices and practitioners turn to Innovative Medicine for solutions to their problems, great things happen. Read what other Innovative Medicine practitioners have experienced after becoming involved with us.

The CLEAR Center of Health had a wide-variety of therapies to treat the majority of patients, but still lacked the proper tools for healing advanced and complex medical cases. They turned to Innovative Medicine, and the results could not have been better.

» Open Case Review

Dr. Louis Esquivel, MD, required a solution for the limitations he was encountering with functional assessments and lab work. He sought out the help of Innovative Medicine, and experienced a renaissance that helped his practice reach new heights.

» Open Case Review

Dr. Beth McDougall’s Story

Beth McDougall, M.D., is the founder and medical director of the CLEAR Center of Health. She is a nationally recognized expert and community educator: she empowers patients, utilizes sophisticated biological medicine techniques, and advanced natural medicines.
Dr. McDougall is an Innovative Medicine Practitioner.

Dr. Mondejar’s Story
Jose Mondejar, M.D. has a background in general, occupational and preventive medicine, with advanced training in Integrative Medicine and Homotoxicology. His love of medicine encourages him to to understand the body as a whole; interconnecting the tangible and intangible.
Dr. Mondejar is an Innovative Medicine Practitioner.

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Dr. Trivisonno’s Story
Tia Trivisonno, N.D., LAc., is a naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist. Her passion for natural medicine began with a strong desire to offer guidance for health and wellbeing to patients and their families by emphasizing individualized prevention, education and empowerment.
Dr. Trivisonno is an Innovative Medicine Practitioner.
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Dr. Solomianko’s Story
Jaroslaw Solomianko, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and the Medical Director of J.G. Wellness. He provides patients with sophisticated options to restoring health and eliminating all sources of dysfunction.
Dr. Solomianko is an Innovative Medicine Practitioner.
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Sevgi Ercan

“As a healthcare professional, knowing that B.A.H. exists, I feel it is my obligation to learn this method and provide my patients with the best possible care.”

Sevgi ErcanNP
Frank Suatoni

“Practicing medicine for over 50 years, after learning about Bioresonance Analysis of Health, it became clear that this method will be recognized as the direction into which medicine should proceed…

Frank SuatoniMD
Anna Roeker

The positive influence the Soluna spagyric detoxification regimen has on the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system can be readily seen in the blood through the aid of the darkfield microscope. Red blood cells that were previously clumped together like stacks of coins break up, and circulation and oxygenation improve.”

Anna RoekerND
Heather Pearman

“What I’m experiencing is that the patients are happier, more compliant, and with regards to the physiology the detoxification process is quite apparent, handling the 3 phases of detox, creating order, and receiving the ‘perfect information.’ I’m quite grateful as a practitioner and patient to have such powerful, empowering, life enhancing remedies in my practice. Thank You Innovative Medicine!!

Heather PearmanDC
Jose Mondejar

“I would like to congratulate and thank Innovative Medicine personally, as well as the entire Innovative Medicine personnel, who made this marvelous contribution and big leap to promote the principles and ideals of integrative, complementary and bioregulatory practice of medicine. This is the true essence of  ‘Innovative Medicine’.”

Jose MondejarMD
Sandeep Budhiraja

“As physicians, we come across several challenges in identifying the root cause of most common ‘lifestyle diseases’. While modern medicine provides us with options to treat, we may not be able to understand the reason behind the disease and address patient concerns. We are often faced with several challenges and no clear answers. Combining the best of all medical options is the way forward to providing the finest and quality healthcare to the patient. B.A.H is a very personalized and individualized route that gives a more in-depth insight as we dive deep into the root cause of diseases. No singular method can be the best method and for me as a physician, a mix of conventional medicine and biological medicine ensures that I am able to provide the optimum course of treatment and clear answer to my patients.”

Sandeep BudhirajaMD, Head of Internal Medicine - MAX Healthcare, INDIA

Kuba Bryl’s Story
Kuba Bryl, is an acupuncturist with extensive training in biological and energy medicine. His treatment methods are sophisticated and diverse, and he utilizes the most advanced methods to achieve excellent patient results.
Kuba is an Innovative Medicine Practitioner.
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Sevgi Ercan’s Story
Sevgi Ercan, is an Adult Nurse Practitioner with a focus on on both preventing and reversing diseases. She understands that to find the underlying cause of symptoms and treat them is the solution that brings the best long lasting results for her patients.
Sevgi Ercan is an Innovative Medicine Practitioner.
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Patients Agree

Innovative Medicine products, therapies, and systems are highly regarded by patients who have experienced them in their healing journey.

During the seven years that I had been suffering from Lyme disease I had been to countless doctors, some of whom refused to even recognize that I had the illness and others who dismissed the disease as easily treated with a short run of antibiotics. At last, I learned about Dr. Szulc from couple of his patients who had success with the B.A.H. method. I was ready to try anything at this point- after seven years of false starts and failed attempts. I followed a six week detox and antimicrobial program at Dr. Szulc’s office and the results were astounding. I am Lyme free and feeling better than I have in yearsHis method [Bioresonance Analysis of Health] is extremely comprehensive, tailored to each individual’s needs and include physical, emotional and psychological support. I wholeheartedly recommend B.A.H. to anyone who has been suffering from Lyme disease as well as many other illnesses.”

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LDChronic Lyme Disease Patient

“I had cancer when I was 22 and was told I would need to go through chemotherapy and radiation. I didn’t want to undergo radiation out of fear that it would cause me to get more severe form of cancer later in life. I opted for B.A.H. treatments with an Innovative Medicine Practitioner instead, was cured in a few months and didn’t suffer any further side effects. They saved my life.

Following my treatment, other members of my family went to their practice and were cured for a variety of ailments that traditional doctors were unable to cure. Anyone with a condition their doctor can’t cure should go with this type of medical approach. ”

AFCancer Patient


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