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DIY Health Trends 2023

Thankfully, most people have emerged from their pandemic-induced fear-and-anxiety cocoons. However, like any year, 2023 will throw plenty of other stress spitballs at us from fears over an economic recession to an increasing domestic political divide as well as nuclear-tinged international conflict. 

With these concerns and more, it’s worth trying these 10 do-it-yourself health trends in 2023. 

#1: Boosting Brain Health 

Gut health? That was so 2013. While taking care of your gut microbiome isn’t a fad that’s going away anytime soon, we predict that more people will focus on boosting brain health this year. 

Sure, doing Sudoku or crossword puzzles are great for stimulating your neurons. However, there’s an “X” factor compound that research shows may help reduce brain fog and support overall energy levels, cognition and focus called “nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide” (NAD). 

One easy way to boost your brain health in 2023 is by supplementing with this compound that naturally declines with age. 

Proper brain function depends on having enough NAD because the compound provides the spark for each and every one of your approximately 37 trillion mitochondria, the power-generating stations of the cells. However, just like any other supplement, not all supplements with NAD are created equal.

NAD bioavailability depends on several factors. A cutting-edge brain support supplement called Nadovim with high NAD bioavailability is used by Innovative Medicine doctors to help their patients improve mental acuity and reduce symptoms of neurological impairments.

Learn more about NAD, the compound that may banish brain fog and fatigue.

#2: Conscious Breathing

A practice that’s thousands of years old isn’t exactly a new health trend. That doesn’t mean, however, it should be discounted just because it’s not novel like artificial intelligence (AI) healthcare or telemedicine. 

Because of the stressors mentioned at the beginning and many others, controlled or conscious breathing remains one of the most necessary—and easiest—DIY health tools. All that’s required are your lungs, your awareness, and a smartphone app or video if you need guidance. 

Conscious breathing negates the deleterious effects of unconscious shallow breathing. When we are stressed out or distracted by social media, we take shallow breaths. The problem with shallow breathing is that it is associated with several health problems from chronic fatigue to anxiety and chronic pain. 

Conscious breathing exercises such as alternate nostril breathing, four-square breathing, Buteyko Breathing Method, the 4-7-8 technique, the breathe-up technique, and Wim Hof breathing, have been shown in research studies to alleviate stress, PTSD, mental disharmony, and addiction. 

In addition, the act of taking 5 or 10 minutes out of your day twice a day to focus on deep breathing may boost the immune system, support the cardiovascular system, and has been shown to improve productivity and self-esteem.

Discover 6 breathing practices to alleviate stress.

#3: Pelotherapy

No, we’re not talking about Peloton cycling. Like meditation and conscious breathing, pelotherapy is an ancient practice. Also known as magnetic clay baths, pelotherapy isn’t merely a skin-beautifying, anti-aging ritual. Increasingly, doctors, such as Innovative Medicine practitioners, are using pelotherapy to help their patients detoxify from heavy metals that contribute to confounding, chronic health conditions such as Lyme Disease

Self-healing greatly depends on your body’s ability to detoxify. Like taking a Nadovim supplement for brain health, and conscious breathing for stress relief, magnetic clay baths are an easy DIY health trend worth trying in 2023. Simply soak in a clay bath ideally, with clay that contains the toxin-attracting compound bentonite.

Learn more about magnetic clay baths.

#4: Holistic Detox

To keep the detox theme going, we need to define what detoxification really means and the best way to achieve it. Detoxing means more than removing poisonous substances from the body. It’s also more than drinking veggie juices or popping detox/cleanse pills in order to reboot a sluggish liver. 

What, then, is detoxing and how can you go about doing it properly in 2023? For starters, detoxing, from a holistic health perspective, should be viewed as a way to achieve maximal organ function. While this may seem obvious, ask people why they start a detox and the most common answer is weight loss. 

There is no point in losing weight if a short-lived detox will result in putting the weight back on quickly and then some after the detox is over. When your organ systems are operating at their full capacity, only then can sustainable weight loss be achieved. Not only that, mood and energy levels will improve. 

Innovative Medicine offers several detoxification options, depending upon your individual needs. Detox therapies include Matrix regeneration therapy, Spagyric medicine, infrared therapy, lymphatic therapy, and the nutritional intervention known as Gerson therapy. 

There’s one more type of detox that Innovative Medicine offers, one that helps heal your body through psychology: Negative Thought Detoxification.  

Learn what detox really means and how to do it right.

#5: Karach’s Therapy

Another ancient practice, Karach’s Therapy is a health trend that’s been popular over the last several years. Better known as oil pulling, this traditional healing method from Ayurvedic medicine offers several health benefits

Consider oil pulling an extension of health trend #4, detoxification. This is because it stimulates the equivalent of the body’s sewer system: the lymphatic system. In doing so, harmful anaerobic bacteria and other metabolic waste is removed from the body. 

The cherry on top: the natural antibacterial properties of oil pulling can make your pearly whites gleam and freshen your breath.

Learn more about oil pulling

#6: Quantum Physics & Energetic Skincare 

Imagine if Neil deGrasse Tyson traveled back in time 5,000 years and convinced the mythical emperor Shen-Nung, the purported founder of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), to go in with him on a skincare business. 

The result would be PHYTO5, a Swiss holistic energetic skincare company that fuses cutting-edge technology that utilizes quantum physics concepts with the ancient wisdom of TCM 5-element theory.

In Western society, skincare is treated topically and with no individual variation. In comparison, PHYTO5 supports beauty from the inside out, and by offering different treatment options depending on the season, your emotions and physical needs. 

Using Nobel Prize-winning research on light therapy, PHYTO5 supports the skin by increasing the vibrational frequency of the body. This results in skincare that supports not only the physical epidermis, but also the body’s essence and emotional energy.

Learn more about PHYTO5 anti-aging skincare.

#7: The Art Of Focus

The art of focus, that is to say, seeing tasks through to completion—without being distracted by TikTok notifications—is an increasingly rare commodity in today’s society. 

To increase your ability to focus, we turn back to the #1 DIY health trend worth trying in 2023: boosting brain health through NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). 

If you’re struggling with completing assignments at work in a timely manner, or wish that you could read more than one paragraph in a book at a time without distraction, NAD is worth repeating. 

This coenzyme is particularly abundant in brain cells. Innovative Medicine co-founder and physician, Dr. Thomas Szulc, formulated the focus-enhancing supplement Nadovim with NAD and several cognitive-function-supporting botanicals. 

Your ability to focus is one of your greatest assets. As the years go by, we are distracted by an ever-increasing amount of technology. Upping your brain’s supply of NAD is one of the easiest DIY health trends, thanks to Dr. Szulc’s Nadovim formulation with NAD.

Learn how to reclaim your focus.

#8: Vagus Nerve Workouts

Just like your muscles need toning through resistance training, the main communication highway between your brain and gut needs a good workout as well. The vagus nerve, which is the longest cranial nerve, running from the brain to the abdomen, is like the command center of all the automatic bodily functions. 

As if that weren’t important enough of a job assignment, the vagus nerve also helps us feel calm—but only if the nerve is well-toned like a Venice Beach bodybuilder. 

Unfortunately, chronic stress is to the vagus nerve what a broken arm is to muscle tone. In essence, a misfiring vagus nerve is atrophied, or said to have “low vagal tone.”

The good news is that just as atrophied muscle tissue can regain strength, so, too, can your vagus nerve. There are several ways to stimulate vagal tone, including breathwork, meditation, cold-water immersion and a chiropractic method called quantum neurology. 

Learn more about vagus nerve toning.

#9: Brain-Boosting Supplements

If there’s one overarching theme that we can extrapolate from this list of DIY health trends in 2023, boosting brain health is at the fore. We predict that just as sales of gut-health-supporting probiotic supplements and fermented foods have exploded, so, too, will brain-health botanicals and compounds. 

Which brain-supporting herbals support cerebral circulation, mitochondrial function, and neurotransmitter regulation, to name a few critical functions? Try cat’s claw, bacopa, CoQ10, and of course, NAD. 

Learn which ingredients are best for supporting brain health.

Patients DIY Health Trends 2023

#10: Great Patients and Patience 

If you’re sick and need to go to the hospital, you want a skilled doctor with an empathetic, patient bedside manner. There’s another part of the healing equation: you. While wondering if your doctor has what it takes to get you back in balance, you should also ask yourself: how can I be a great patient?

In order to fully heal, either from an acute or chronic illness, you and only you can create a positive mindset. The Innovative Medicine model of healing contains 5 components:

  • Having faith in the process: The healing journey is not a straight line; being a good patient means having patience as there may be some setbacks along the way to restoring your health and vibrancy.
  • Commitment: You must be 100% committed to the process. Just as having a few cheat meals a week won’t help with weight-management goals, straying from healthy habits will delay your body’s ability to self-heal.
  • Reasonable expectations: Another aspect of being a good patient, patient, is realizing that homeostasis doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a process.
  • Have an empty mind: Despite what you think you might know about your health concern, go into the healing journey with a child-like curiosity. Soak up information like a sponge. However, don’t consult “Dr. Google” for all the answers.
  • Willpower: You will heal faster if you have a strong sense of purpose. Tools such as daily meditation, gratitude mantras or prayer are not New Agey concepts. They have been shown in research to strengthen the immune system and hasten cellular regeneration. 

Learn What Makes A Great Patient


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