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We attended the 7th Annual Biohacking Conference this year in Orlando, and it was a success! 

Our team connected with some amazing minds including the likes of Dr. Mercola, Jim Kwik, Dr. Jill Carnahan, and the father of biohacking himself, Dave Asprey. With more than 60 of the world’s most innovative minds in human health and optimization presenting in 107 sessions, there was no way we could see it all. However, here we compiled the five most prevalent themes and takeaways from the event as a whole.

Five Trends in Biohacking  

1. Be Dangerous 

Also the tagline for the biohacking conference, Be Dangerous was a rallying cry and mission statement for the event, and for life moving forward. But what does it mean to Be Dangerous? According to Dave, dangerous people do the right thing, even when it’s hard. They don’t mindlessly follow the herd. They make decisions based on their beliefs and intuition. They do their due diligence and scour data. They take calculated risks. And they push themselves out of their comfort zone for novel experiences and new perspectives. ⁣In short, they do hard things.

What’s a dangerous idea? Dave’s idea for a vitamin D passport, for one. That’s right, one would have to present adequate vitamin D levels in order to travel or board a plane. This concept is rhetorical, of course, but it is certainly thought-provoking. 

2. The Convergence of Biohacking and Medicine

Medicine and biohacking have always been related, but the two disciplines have dropped their rivalry and are coming together in a spirit of collaboration and innovation. There were a handful of doctors presenting at the conference, including surgeons, psychologists, and NDs.

But what’s more exciting is that many of the products and medical devices that we use at our clinic, NYCIM, are now available to the general public. Everything from ⁣eng3’s NanoVi and Somavedic to the BioCharger and SimplyO3, were all at the biohacking conference and widely available for purchase.

The BioCharger NG

Also in attendance were non-medical products such as the gut-microbiome test Viome and genome-testers, the DNA Company. While not medical in nature, these are just some of the innovative companies bridging the gap by bringing health information back to the patient. 

3. Upgrade Through Gratitude and Forgiveness

As much as biohackers revel in the latest tech and gadgets, many of the speakers concentrated on gratitude and forgiveness as an ultimate biohack. ⁣

As stated by MindValley founder Vishen Lakhiani, when the mind is expressing gratitude, it is incapable of feeling anxiety, releasing cortisol, or entering a sympathetic state. While leading an audience of over 3000 people through a guided meditation, Vishen emphasized that, in order to forgive, we must start from a place of gratitude. 

In fact, gratitude practices can have lasting effects that improve mental and physical health for months thereafter.

Another presenter, Dr. Don Wood, focused on releasing trauma and unveiling repressed emotions. The key to each of his techniques is to look back on trauma and pain with gratitude and forgiveness. Conversely, neuroplasticity programs like 40 Years of Zen focus on gratitude and forgiveness as the desired result of neurofeedback training. 

4. Lights & Energy Devices

Light and energy are integral parts of health, and this couldn’t have been any clearer at this year’s biohacking conference. From the main stage to the tech halls, light therapies were on display, resetting circadian rhythms and introducing a semblance of nature into the event space.

Surrounding the speakers on the main stage were the TrueLight Luna Red™ Luminaire lamps which mode shift to mimic the diurnal light changes of sunrise to sunset. These lamps are intended to restore circadian rhythm by enhancing mood and reducing fatigue during the day while inducing relaxation at night.

Meanwhile, many vendors exhibited frequency devices such as Somadome, which enhances meditation practices by resonating specific sound, color, and energy frequencies, and blocks external artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Light technologies including TrueDark blue-light-blocking glasses and TrueLight LED Light were also in attendance with their products designed to restore circadian rhythm and enhance DNA repair, collagen formation, and detoxification.

Caspar Szulc, Co-Founder of Innovative Medicine and a past guest on Dave Asprey’s podcast noted “We’ve been stressing the importance of energy in the medical arts and as part of a healing treatment for decades, so to see it going mainstream in the biohacking community is amazing.”

5. VSEL PRP / Stem Cell Therapy  

Quite a few of the doctors presenting mentioned Very Small Embryonic Like Stem Cells (VSEL) or V-Cell therapy as an exciting development in stem cell treatments. In fact, Dr. Mercola claimed that V-Cell is like “PRP on steroids.” So what is V-Cell?

V-Cell is much like photoactivated PRP therapy, where these small embryonic-like stem cells, also called peripheral blood stem cells, are extracted from the body, and activated by being exposed to a specific laser light before being re-injected into the body. The difference in V-Cells is that they are small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier and confer powerful regenerative properties including inflammation and autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, joint repair, and lengthen telomeres by triggering the secretion of Telomerase, the enzyme that restores the DNA telomere ends.

Overall, this was an amazing conference that showcased how both the emerging biohacking and medical fields are adapting to new discoveries and challenges. We’re looking forward to next year’s conference and the continued progress to optimize our greatest wealth – health.

Disclaimer: The statements made in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any products or treatments mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a licensed medical practitioner for medical advice.

At Innovative Medicine, we believe in transparency. We want you to know that we may participate in affiliate advertising programs pertaining to products mentioned herein.

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