7 Ways Energy Balancing Therapy Will Help Your Practice


It’s simply not enough to treat a patient on a purely physical level any more. The past 100 years in the study of quantum physics have illustrated the great importance of energy, wavelengths, and vibrations within the Universe, and the biological organism is no different. We are all made up of energy, and in order to function properly and maintain health, the energetic signaling and communication within the body must function properly.

What is Energy Balancing Therapy?

Energy balancing therapy is a therapeutic modality that is able to precisely register disturbances of the body on an energetic level. In the case of an anomaly or facing a tension or aggression, the body searches to reestablish its global balance by managing the circulation of energy in its circuits. It does this by controlling the energy flow, by blocking it, by switching it off, or by slowing it down, or by accelerating the energetic currents blockage. The type of energy balancing therapy referred to in this article is the ACMOS Method. ACMOS energy balancing therapy aims to re-establish proper signaling of instructional information around the body in a comprehensive and technologically advanced manner.

Here are the top 7 ways energy balancing therapy will help your practice:

1. It Will Improve Results with Existing Patients

You may already apply nutritional therapy, biological remedies, and intravenous treatments, but with the simple addition of energy balancing therapy, not only may the efficiency of those other methods improve, you’ll effectively be addressing a formerly uncovered stone in your quest to restore your patients health. Whether it be environmental aggressions, undiscovered emotional conflict, geopathic stress, or electromagnetic pollution, energy balancing therapy reveals causative energetic imbalances and corrects disturbances within the body’s energy / information fields.

2. It Will Allow You to See New Types of Patients

Implementing energy balancing therapy opens the doors to see new types of patients – from depression to undiagnosed cases where other therapies have not succeeded. This unique medical technique is a comprehensive and systematic method of neutralizing harmful interference fields and restoring proper signaling throughout the body so that optimal healing can naturally occur. The safe and gentle nature of the therapy combined with it’s effectiveness greatly interests patients seeking the most cutting-edge therapeutic options, and practitioners generally see increased number of patients that come directly from referrals due to the addition of energy balancing therapy.

3. It Can Be the Missing Link With Tough Cases

According to Dr. Jacqueline Chan, Doctor of Osteopathy:

“I just had a follow up of a patient with 30 years of leg edema and hypertension that was resistant to all her medication…180′s over 90′s. All I did was ACMOS energy balancing and the Soluna (spagyric) remedies and her blood pressure is 140/85 and her leg edema is gone. She was so severely edematous that she could barely walk before. I’m amazed!”

4. It Combines Cutting-Edge Science with Acupuncture and TCM Principles

Energy balancing therapy represents a bioenergetic modality like no other and is part of the most advanced and truly 21st century medical system. This unique approach combines the wisdom of ancient traditional medicine and acupuncture with the scientific discoveries of modern molecular biology. The influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as decades of research in biophysics and bioenergetics allow a seamless union of old and new that benefits the patient and practitioner alike.

5. It is a Non-Invasive + Preventive Therapy for Patients

An energetic balance undertaken periodically according to the needs of the individual serves as a form of preventative maintenance that reveals causative energetic imbalances, and then allow for the correction of disturbances within the body’s energy fields, before they develop into symptomatic illness. It is a systematic, holistic bioenergetic therapy utilizing specific essential oils, herbs, homeopathics and a specialized medical instruments to release blockages in the bio-energetic system of the body instead of needles.

6. It Will Satisfy the Scientific Mind of the Patient

Patients can often times be very skeptic of new or alternative therapies, and most that have been through the conventional system without resolution of their health issues (or in many cases worst off than when they started in the medical system) may already come into your office with doubt and uncertainty.

Energy balancing therapy relies on the measurement and analysis of different fields of electromagnetic energy and circuits within the human body: notably the “vibratory” field, the “centripetal” field, and the “centrifugal” field. The scientific measurement and therapeutic restoration of these fields enables the practitioner to perform detailed energy work and measure results in a way that satisfies the scientific mind of the patient.

7. It Will Give You an Appreciation of How Important Energy Is

Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2 can now be greatly appreciated by doctors everywhere. Using energy balancing therapy in clinical practice demonstrates just how essential correct information is for guiding all bodily functions. Just like any natural biological organism, the human body and every cell within it requires instructions or information, which signal various processes that must take place in the body in order to sustain good health and life itself.

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