Health Care Professional Accounts

Innovative Medicine grants licensed health care professionals access to certain medical products and educational tools. Qualifications to become a professional account holder are based on government and state regulations that allow specific licensed health care professionals to distribute and use the various regulated products and instruments we carry*. The following degrees may open professional accounts with Innovative Medicine:

    • MD (Medical Doctors)
    • ND / NMD (Naturopathic Doctors)
    • LAc (Licensed Acupuncturists)
    • DC (Chiropractors)
    • DO (Osteopathic Physicians)
    • NP (Nurse Practitioners)
    • RN (Registered Nurse)
    • PA (Physician’s Assistant)
    • DDS (Dentist)
    • dHom (Homeopath)
    • Clinical Nutritionist / Registered Dietician
    • Physical Therapist

All account holders must provide a valid state / federal license which will be verified before accounts are activated. If you are a healthcare practitioner and wish to create an account but do not see your degree on the list above, please contact us at 1-800-605-1798 to see if you may qualify for a professional account.

* A number of products distributed by Innovative Medicine are FDA registered and regulated under FDA Compliance Policy Guide 400. They are subject to well-defined regulatory processes that closely resemble those that apply to pharmaceutical medications. See below for further explanation.

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Why such strict regulations of these natural medications and integrative therapies?

Innovative Medicine takes the role of being the leader in advanced integrative medicine seriously. We hold ourselves to similar guidelines and in accordance with many of the same regulations placed upon conventional medicines and the pharmaceutical industry. The Soluna medications (which Innovative Medicine is the exclusive US distributor of) are registered with the FDA as homeopathic drugs and regulated under FDA Compliance Policy Guide 400. They are subject to well-defined regulatory processes that more closely resemble those that apply to pharmaceutical medications than to dietary supplements. In compliance with these regulations, Innovative Medicine only distributes to the licensed health care practitioners as listed above.

I am not eligible for an account, is there a way I can still become involved with Innovative Medicine?

Absolutely. We offer a membership program that is open to everyone, so that they can become part of a movement towards a new paradigm of medicine. This is an opportunity for you to make a significant difference and help be a catalyst in the ever-needed change to the medical field. This membership program make it possible for our efforts to continue and better provide the necessary solutions to practitioners around the world now facing a global health crisis.By becoming a member, you will be supporting not only the remarkable work of pioneering physicians already practicing a new paradigm of medicine, but as well, building awareness among those suffering who may not know that sophisticated medical options aimed at personalizing and effectively rebalancing the body on all levels exist. Furthermore, Innovative Medicine will continue to seek out the latest developments and technologies that can provide the greatest impact to truly heal humanity, and bring forward this new era of medicine and health.
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