treating the patient,
not the disease.



The human body is a highly adaptive self-healing system whose natural tendency is to maintain its vitality. Just as a flesh-wound will mend itself when properly cleansed and maintained, the whole body has the imperative to restore itself back to proper function. At Innovative Medicine we look at health as the body’s natural state of being, and disease as the result of multiple subtle causes that disrupt this natural propensity. Therefore the approach to healing is not to fight the disease head-on but rather, treat the patient using personalized biological medicine and other supportive modalities to the point where disease can no longer persist.


Important distinctions between the Innovative Medicine approach
and the mainstream approach:

Diagnosis vs. Dysfunction

Whereas the mainstream approach to diagnosing a person would have us look under a microscope to try and locate the particles responsible for the disease – the Innovative Medicine approach draws our attention to the broader patterns that enable the dysfunction.

Why is this important?

If you treat on the level of particle (gene, molecule or symptom) one could and many do, spend a lifetime chasing down one problem after another. When you treat on the level of pattern (multifaceted system), you effectively neutralize the underlying cycles that lead to the myriad of symptoms that appear downstream.

Cure vs. Cause

When it comes to treating patients: where the mainstream searches tirelessly for “the cure” to an illness, Innovative Medicine corrects the cause so that the illness resolves itself.

Why is this important?

Exorbitant amounts of time, money and energy are spent by patients, practitioners and organizations, in the hopes of finding “the cure” for any given disease.  When resources are instead applied toward addressing the cause, then health can be restored and the notion of “a cure” becomes ultimately irrelevant.

Content vs. Context

When it comes to understanding complex ailments: where the conventional approach has doctors scrutinizing over the contents of disease, with all its various symptoms and effects – the Innovative Medicine approach looks to the context that created it.

Why is this important?

In order to truly understand how to treat any ailment, one must have an understanding of what created it in the first place. In the case of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) as an example, some patients may develop symptoms due to an infection while others due to stress. When you begin to take this broader view, it becomes clear that treating two patients in the same way, simply because they have been given the same diagnosis, is neither the most rational nor most effective approach. Understanding all aspects of a patient’s health and life that lead to their current condition is essential when it comes to devising their unique and personalized program of treatment.

Change also requires inclusion, not separation

Redefining ‘integrative’ medicine.

Imagine you were tasked with fixing a home in need of repair. You likely wouldn’t show up with just a hammer in hand and expect to address all the issues you may encounter. A better plan would be to bring the entire toolbox with multiple tools, instruments, and construction/repair material. We take the same approach with medicine and healing. Innovative Medicine is redefining the meaning of ‘integrative medicine’ by going beyond the normal limited selection of medical choices and providing a truly complete and comprehensive tool kit of therapeutic options from all ends of the world. From conventional medicine to spiritual practices, energetic techniques to surgical procedures, the holistic and integrative approach results in the absolute best chance for resolving all root causes of disease and restoring optimal health.

European Biological Medicine + Energy Medicine

A Sophisticated Natural Approach

Perhaps we have forgotten or undermined the healing powers of nature, or that drugs of plant origin still account for a respectable percentage of doctors’ prescriptions. For centuries, anyone interested in becoming a physician would have to study nature, botany, and the close interaction it has with humans and healing. Today doctors rely on ‘scientific breakthroughs‘ of new chemical compounds to manage symptoms, often at the expense of several detrimental side effects, high toxic load, and lifetime intervention.

Another often forgotten aspect of medicine and healing is energy. Over 100 years ago, quantum physics established that matter as we know it is composed of condensed energy at various vibratory levels. Everything in our world, including living organisms such as ourselves, generates unique energy fields with specific frequencies. Even the thoughts and emotions we experience have specific energetic vibrations. By examining these fields through use of quantum mechanics and bioresonance principles, one can ascertain a huge amount of information. When applied to human beings along with a biological approach, amazing results may ensue.

A Tailored Approach

Getting Personal

Each of us are incredibly unique beings – from our personalities, to our fingerprints, to our eye’s iris patterns – no two are alike. Our states of health and/or disease are just as unique. Genes, gene expressions, pathogens, toxic exposures, environmental aggressors, and even past emotional traumas are constituents that make up a patient and determine their distinctive situation. The days of blanket protocols are remnants of an obsolete modality, and any treatment regimen that fails to take a patient’s uniqueness into account can only yield suboptimal outcomes. Fortunately, we can now personalize each person’s program of treatment with great specificity.

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