Arnold Patent Shares Valuable Insight on the Power of Relationships


For over 25 years, Arnold Patent, a retired attorney and businessman, has conducted workshops and written books on the basic Principles and Laws of the Universe and how they operate in our lives. His unique presentation of the Laws of the Universe is simple, compelling, and empowering, and he has helped countless people understand and apply these principles so they now enjoy more fulfilling and abundant lives. He is perhaps best known for his book The Journey, has lectured around the world to audiences of 100,000+ people, and has been a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Arnold Patent has teamed up with us in the creation of our new holistic patient program, and provided his expert input in two specific areas of life that are covered in the course – abundance and relationships. In this exclusive interview, Arnold Patent eloquently explains the powerful impact relationships can have on a persons life, and how his Universal Principles tie into this category of health. From the relationship to oneself, to the relationship to ones work, to ones relationship to others, an understanding of this all encompassing definition of “relationships” is vital to any healing process.

In this interview, Arnold Patent explains how every single person has something valuable to contribute to this world – all of equal importance. Furthermore, the notion of true happiness coming from within is also thoroughly covered in this inspirational segment, featured in the ‘Relationships’ Module of our Empowered Healing program.

You always get a reflection of what is in your own consciousness. If you’re experiencing hurt or pain or anything, it is something you’re holding within. No one else can cause you pain, really. No one else can cause you hurt. This is self-inflicted. And the beautiful part about it is, step back and look at it from its broadest aspect, the universe, in its brilliance, gives us a reflection back to our self of what we’re holding in consciousness. Otherwise we wouldn’t know it’s there. It’s what I call the mirror principle. Consider yourself surrounded by 360 degrees of mirrors…and it’s brilliant, because that’s the way you find out what you’re holding inside.

In addition to the collaboration on our program, Empowered Healing, Arnold Patent has also graciously provided us with an inspiring write-up for our readers entitled “Freedom”.


Freedom from what? Illusions we have created to hide our power in the challenges we face. Overcoming the challenges gives us the opportunity to be aware of how powerful we really are. Since we created the challenges, we are capable of overcoming them. When we do, we release the power hidden in our creations.

Accepting that power requires feeling deep compassion: first for ourselves and then for everyone, Compassion is the highest form of love and has the power to transform illusion into love.

The family story is the vehicle we have chosen to hide the power. Under the spell of that story, we upset the balance between our dominant and submissive aspects. Achieving freedom allows the aspects to return to balance and our power to be fully available.

When we reach freedom, a whole new way of being in the world opens before us—a world where all enjoy playing as equals in mutual support in a state of Oneness.

Each of us has been given talents by the Divine with the purpose that they be fully and freely expressed. The spectrum of talents is unlimited so that when each contributes, all needs are met.

When we reach freedom, we are fully present in the present moment and at peace with what is, just the way it is. Our choices benefit all and bring us a sense of fulfillment. We feel unconditional love for all as an expansion of our self into a feeling of Oneness with all.

Reaching freedom is a full surrender to the Divine that is possible when the illusions have been released.”

Read further info from Arnold Patent here. Also check out Empowered Healing, which features another full length interview with Arnold Patent on the principles of Abundance.

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