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Communication is key in any relationship, including the marriage between your cells and vital involuntary functions like eliminating free radicals. However, when talking becomes tenuous, whether, between cells or couples, things can go awry. Fortunately, just as there is couple’s therapy, there is a one-of-a-kind natural product on the market designed to get your cells talking productively again

Communication Breakdown

Cellular communication is reliant on redox signaling molecules. There are two main types of signaling molecules, activators (reduced species) and messengers (reactive oxygen species). Both are chemical byproducts of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, which takes place thanks to the mitochondria, our cells’ powerhouse. These naturally occurring molecules are responsible for delivering instructions for a wide range of biochemical and physiological processes to our cells. A breakdown in cellular communication comes with a lot of consequences. 

Factors such as age, stress, diet, environmental toxins, electromagnetic fields, and even medications we take can negatively impact our natural production of redox signaling molecules and our cells’ ability to communicate properly.

When a deficiency or imbalance occurs, your body isn’t able to do what it was designed to efficiently and effectively, including fight off pathogens, eliminate free radicals, prevent cellular damage, balance hormones, maintain a healthy inflammatory response, support arterial elasticity, and maintain gut health, among many other life and wellness-supporting functions.  

Our Modern Dilemma

Tens of millions of us in the United States alone are currently suffering from an autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, cardiovascular disease, a digestive disorder, or a hormone imbalance. Even more of us are walking on a tightrope between functional health (not optimal) and a health crisis (i.e., a respiratory virus, yeast, mold, fungal or bacterial infection, cancer, etc.).

This modern health dilemma sprouts from many different seeds, including but not limited to overworking, under sleeping, eating highly processed preservative-laden food, around-the-clock EMF exposure, drinking toxic water, breathing dirty air, and spending the majority of our days inside and not moving.  

The key to ditching the tightrope act and planting your feet on the firm ground of homeostasis is to support your body’s natural processes and amazing abilities to self-heal and regulate. One way to do this is by supplementing your amount of redox signaling molecules to strengthen the lines of communication between your genes, cells, and every involuntary process in your body.

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ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement-Our Recommendation 

ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement is the first and only natural supplement that contains redox signaling molecules. Using a patented process, purified water and natural salt are reorganized on a molecular level to create the end product of a drinkable supplement rich in redox signaling molecules. The short and sweet of this supplement is that it addresses cellular breakdown and works with your body to help produce, rejuvenate, and restore cells. 

Through rigorous testing, ASEA has been scientifically proven to activate pathways that affect gene expression. Aside from being responsible for your physical characteristics, your genes are also responsible for giving life-sustaining instructions to your cells. However, as a result of aging and poor lifestyle choices, gene expression can become interrupted or weakened. Regulating gene expression with redox signaling molecules is a sure way to support stronger cellular communication

Why We Recommend It  

Traditional Western medicine has long led many of us to believe that we need pharmaceutical support for anything that ails us, that our bodies aren’t capable of self-healing, and that the best fix is a quick fix. This isn’t true. The problem, however, is that our modern lifestyle and environment have placed tremendous pressures on our bodies that inhibit it from doing what it was designed to do best, which is to maintain a healthy state of homeostasis. 

We also place a lot of demands on our bodies and expect everything to always be in working order. But like a garden, you can’t expect a healthy harvest year after year if you don’t ensure that the soil pH is balanced, provide adequate nutrients and water, protect it from pests and pollutants, and sprinkle in some supplemental support. 

To break the cycle of constantly treating symptoms, it’s about time we start digging down to the roots. ASEA REDOX is not some magic cure-all, although many who take it daily have reported some extraordinary results, but rather, it is a way to support your body’s natural healing and regulating functions. With so many factors working against us, dousing your system daily with a dose of redox signaling molecules will strengthen your lines of defense—with no downsides. 

Who Should Use It?

Your body naturally produces redox signaling molecules. So, introducing supplemental redox signaling molecules is not perceived by your body as something foreign or unfamiliar. This is the best type of supplementation. ASEA REDOX is really for everyone. As mentioned before, factors like aging, diet, stress, medications, EMFs, and environmental toxins affect cellular communication, gene expression, and redox signaling molecule production. These factors, and many others, are things we are all dealing with or are exposed to daily.

The key to health is fostering a milieu, or environment, both internal and external, that supports your body’s natural functions and healing abilities. You are the garden and the gardener. You are your own cure, solution, and medicine. However, this only works when your body has the support it needs to do its job. Learn More About ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement Here.

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