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Why the Diagnosis is Overrated

It is the holy grail of medicine – the diagnosis. TV shows like ‘House’ were based upon finding the correct diagnosis in dramatic and somewhat unrealistic fashion, as it is the only way to move forward and treat the patient. Doctors find a diagnosis, and only then can they construct a plan of action to bring you back to health. And while this approach of diagnosis followed by generalized treatment has worked for quite some time, does it have merit in the 21st century where we have seen an explosion of complex and chronic conditions?

Innovative Medicine Gears Up for 2017

As we head toward the Holiday season and end of the year, we’d like to come out of hiding and let you in on some news. You may be wondering where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing, and that’s a fair question. For most of 2016 we’ve been in the ‘lab’, working behind the scenes on a new project that we’re really thrilled to share with you. It’s the relaunch of Innovative Medicine 2.0 – a bolder, bigger, and brighter vision for where we’re going and our plans to revolutionize medicine.

Innovative Medicine Celebrates 10 Years of Transforming Medicine

Back in December of 2004, I was part of a small team that started a company with the idea of helping others. We started by selling high quality supplements and homeopathic medicines online to the public. Our vision for the future back then wasn’t so clear, but over the next decade, it would become a crystallized vision of how to transform the medical field and redefine health. Keep reading to see what the next 10 years has in store…