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With over 100 different therapies and procedures at your disposal, it’s easy to forget which ones you’ve experienced. But then others, like the Biocharger NG, leave a lasting impression on patients.

Based on the discoveries of top minds like Nikola Tesla, Georges Lakhovsky, Royal Rife, and Alexander Gurwitsch, this advanced device transmits energy that stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve health, wellness, and even athletic performance; like a charger for humans.

How does it do this?

Energy not only surrounds us in every physical way, but it also passes through us and can realign our bodies and enhance our mental processes. Every cell in the body is designed to run at -20 to -25 millivolts. To heal we must generate new cells, which requires -50 millivolts. When our voltage drops below -20, we are unable to make new cells and cannot regenerate, setting ourselves up for chronic disease, as all diseases are characterized by low voltage.

By replicating and amplifying the four key energy types that exist in nature and make life possible, the BioCharger NG allows users to sit next to it and in 12-20 minutes, expose the body to these subtle energies in a way that is bioavailable and allows the body to regenerate on a cellular level.

A completely non-invasive, hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform, the BioCharger NG’s four distinct harmonious energy fields have been proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination, and mental clarity.

In our conversation with Jim Law and James Girard, we go deep on the R&D process behind the BioCharger NG, delving into the science of how it works, how it is used as a therapeutic device in tandem with other treatments, and why nature-mimicking devices like the BioCharger are becoming more necessary than ever before.

Jim Girard, Research & Development

Jim Girard brings more than 25 years of subtle energy research and development experience to the team, which led to the introduction of the original BioCharger concept in 1993. In 1988, Jim was privileged to have studied under Dr. Orville Fitz, a protégé of Nikola Tesla which led to Jim’s experimentation with Tesla coil and multiple wave oscillation (MWO) technologies.

Jim Law has served as a managing member of Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC since co-founding the firm in 2013. With a focus on strategy and business development, Jim’s entrepreneurial track record includes founding/co-founding two prior start-ups that implemented innovative and disruptive technology-based solutions.

Jim Law, CEO & Co-Founder


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