Nearly all environmental toxins accelerate aging. But what about electromagnetic fields (EMFs)?

The most pervasive toxin on the planet?

Without a doubt EMFs are toxins. And like all toxins, the accumulation of EMFs takes a toll on our biology. On multiple levels, EMFs contribute to aging by inhibiting our antioxidant defense system, creating reactive oxygen species, damaging DNA, and even lowering fertility. But EMFs are a particularly nefarious toxin as they are ubiquitous, pervasive, and undetectable.

We are exposed to a wide spectrum of EMFs stemming from computers, cellphones, WiFi, Bluetooth, power lines, and nearly every other electrical appliance.

EMFs & Aging

But how exactly are these silent waves causing us to age faster? In her appearance on Your Health. Your Story, Rachel Varga spells out how EMFs speed up our aging by disrupting our natural ion gradient balance. These invisible waves distort the human biofield as well as our brainwaves by entering the brain and affecting neuronal activity.

If you’re unsure how electromagnetics and EMFs are impacting us, just remember that literally every cell, every protein, every hormone in your body is mediated through either protons (positivity charged ions) or electrons, (negatively charges ions). And when there’s an imbalance, we’re not grounded, we’re too positive.

– Rachel Varga

A registered nurse and aesthetician specialist, Rachel explains that, even in low doses, EMFs create enough harm that we should consider regularly escaping to natural, EMF-free environments.

The natural way to mitigate EMF toxicity

Escaping the far-reach of EMFs isn’t easy, but it can be done. Time in nature is the easiest and most effective way to reset your biology from the harmful effects of EMFs.

By positioning yourself as far from EMFs as possible, for even just a few hours each week, you are allowing your cells to reconnect and regenerate. Grounding is another essential practice that allows you to recharge and rebalance your ions. Simply walking on the earth barefoot, swimming in the ocean, standing in the presence of a waterfall, hiking in the woods, and stepping outside after a storm will bathe you in negative ions.

Cold exposure, ice baths, burning beeswax candles, and indoor houseplants also generate negative ions that your body can absorb and use to heal and rebalance. While these won’t fully mitigate the damage caused by EMFs, they do go a long way in restoring that ion gradient that is so crucial for health.

About Rachel Varga

A Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, Rachel Varga is an internationally recognized celebrity skin expert and trainer/lecturer for physicians and nurses.

With over 20,000 procedures performed, Rachel helps inspire others with her unique toolkit to navigate and strategize aging impossibly well – using the holistic “science of beauty” in one on one sessions for at-home and in-clinic skin rejuvenation.

Through education on skincare, skin and laser rejuvenation, non-surgical solutions, healing lifestyle and biohacking practices, Rachel helps inspire others with her unique toolkit to navigate and strategize aging impossibly well – using the Holistic SCIENCE of BEAUTY at where one on one sessions for at-home and in-clinic skin rejuvenation are available.

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