How we detox

There are many ways in which the body undergoes detoxification. Although the primary process is through the organs of elimination, we also detoxify through sweating, exhaling, crying, and many other subtle methods. One of these methods is through natural frequencies like those produced by the Somavedic device.

How does Somavedic work?

By harmonizing our artificial environments with natural frequencies, Somavedic can eliminate mold, parasites, bacteria, and harmful electromagnetic frequencies that make healing and detoxification difficult. Through these natural frequencies, Somavedic influences the release of different blockages in our body.

Based on the principle of controlled-release energy from semi-precious and precious stones, Somavedic harnesses their specific vibrations to produce ambient frequencies beneficial for the environment and the human body. With great results in offices and clinics, Somavedic is used in many recovery centers for its ability to harmonize the organs affected by disease.

The Somavedic Gold is also really helping you to release or process more quickly some blockages, like some trauma; it is helping you to process it.

Juraj Kocar

Is there a downside to detox?

Like all forms of detox, the gradual release of toxins from Somavedic can result in an initial adaptation discomfort that can give rise to unpleasant physical and emotional sensations. However, this reaction is completely harmless and lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days, at the most.

Unlike more intense detoxification methods, Somavedic’s adaptation discomfort is very mild and relatively rare.

About Juraj Kocar

CEO and co-founder of Somavedic, Juraj Kocar is an optimist with endless passion to build and grow projects with meaning. His flagship product, Somavedic, is a functional and broadly accessible frequency therapy device harmonizing the negative effects of EMFs, geopathic frequencies, free radicals, and low-quality water.

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