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Believe in Better 2018

A Fresh Perspective

At the first annual Believe in Better event in 2018, Caspar Szulc shared his vision for the future of medicine. Drawing from nearly two decades of work in integrative medicine, Caspar explains how the New York Center for Innovative Medicine has advanced healthcare by unifying medical modalities, personalizing practice, and shifting its focus on healing. He also conveys his personal story of being exposed to countless therapeutic modalities from around the world and explains how each changed his view of medicine.

What does ‘better’ look like and how do we get a sometimes stubborn medical community—that doesn’t want to change—onboard?” 

– Caspar Szulc

About the Believe in Better Project

Since 2018, the Believe in Better Project has conducted intimate (and virtual) inspirational two-day gatherings in Duluth, Minnesota. Each Project gathering is unique and includes visionaries and change-makers from across the nation coming together to discuss ways to fix a health care system that is largely broken. The event was designed to foster new thoughts, perspectives, and dialogues to start fixing health care in big and small ways, as soon as we can.


The Transcript

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