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Usually, food that is ‘convenient’ isn’t that convenient for long-term health and wellness. Sure, it combats your hunger. But when examining most of these processed and fast foods, there’s very little nutritional value. However, Ka’Chava is transforming the convenient food space by creating an easy and healthy go-to meal replacement. So, let’s dive headfirst into this topic. How is fast and processed food impacting your health? How does Ka’Chava change this?

The Most Neglected Health Problem of Them All: Our Food

In most of the Western world, there is an abundance amount of food. Some of the most affordable foods include pre-packaged and processed items and fast food. Yet, if you look closely at the nutritional contents, you’ll notice that there are barely any nutrients, vitamins, or minerals. 

These types of foods are often loaded with calories. If you look even closer at the label, you’ll probably see a long list of ‘ingredients’ – some of which you may not even recognize. The longer the list of ingredients, usually, the more processing a food has undergone. And if many of the ingredients are chemicals or artificially-made substances, it’s time to throw that food back on the shelf. It’s not doing you or your health any good.

A scientific paper published in Health Promotions Perspectives indicates that fast and processed foods contain a variety of harmful compounds which are contributing to the global burden of obesity and heart disease. High in sugar, salt, saturated fat, and trans fats, these foods aren’t giving your body what it needs.

You would think scientific innovation would have solved this by now. Well, there’s some good news: Products like Ka’Chava are doing just that. However, before we take a closer look at this particular product, let’s examine the bigger problem here.

The Threat of Mass Production

Great for Money, Bad for Human Health

The industrial revolution gave way to mass production. And this included the mass production of the food we eat. This was great. We could feed the masses and companies could make more money by simply producing more food. Yet, this is where food manufacturers began to cut corners. The cheapest and faster production methods led to the introduction of harmful chemicals and preservatives into the food supply. These processes also destroyed various nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that these foods originally contained. 

While food quickly became convenient, it wasn’t as nourishing as it used to be. In a way, the food industry failed us. What was supposed to be a source of energy and nutrients became a money-making machine that delivered on taste but offered little value for overall health.

For instance, salt is often added to enhance the flavor of food. The body needs sodium, but not in the amounts that we’re consuming. A study in the Journal of Hypertension indicated that high amounts of salt consumption could lead to arterial dysfunction. In the long run, foods high in salt and fat and low in other nutrients lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Perhaps the biggest problem here is that most individuals are facing various invisible nutrient deficiencies. We’ve normalized these. We also tend to try to slap on quick solutions as opposed to addressing the real problem. It might even be a safe bet to say that many modern health problems can be traced back to nutrient deficiencies. 

Think of it this way: When your gas car is given diesel, it’s probably not going to work all that well. However, give a gas car some regular ol’ gas and you’re good to go. You can think of your body as a more complex version of this. It requires the right amounts of a variety of nutrients to function optimally.

Finding Quick and Healthy Solutions

In a society that is always go-go-go, it’s hard to erase the need to grab a quick meal. Yet, many companies are working away to not only create a food that is quick but also a food that offers immense nutritional value. When your body gets the nutrients it needs, it functions at its best.

Jam-packed with antioxidants, veggies, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, and more, Ka’Chava is a plant-based superfood meal shake. It has calories similar to a small meal and an abundant amount of nutrients. It’s also super easy and quick to make.

Ka’Chava – Our Recommendation 

Ka’Chava includes nutrients that support the body and mind, contributing to increased energy levels, improved mental clarity, enhanced immunity, increased muscle mass, better digestion, and more. On top of this, it’s taste is unmatched compared to other meal shakes that claim similar benefits. This isn’t just a watered-down powder!

Bringing Real Food Back Into ‘Convenience’

Why We Recommend It

Ka’Chava is quick and nutritious. It has no fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors, meaning it’s all-natural. This falls right in line with Innovative Medicine’s goal of uncovering the most high-quality products that meet your health needs. The body needs a wide variety of nutrients to function properly. Ka’Chava can help you meet those requirements.

Who Is It For?

Ka’Chava is ideal for those with a busy and active lifestyle. If you struggle to fit a healthy meal into your day, you might benefit from purchasing this easy-to-make and nutrient-dense shake. It’s delicious and requires almost no time to prepare.

But don’t just take our word for it.

What Others Are Saying…

“I absolutely love the Chocolate !! I actually crave it. The 250-calorie drink keeps me on my fitness track. Nutritionally, Ka’Chava is hard to beat. Ingredients such as the super grain, Amaranth [and many more], make this one of the best nutritional products I have ever used. I have recommended this to many others. Vanilla purchase is next… THANKS!!” – Heather Tackitt

“I’m so thankful my doctor recommended Kachava to me. I was skeptical at first but thought I would give it a try, especially since I wasn’t getting a good amount of nutrients. My doctor is an avid health/nutrition/food/wellness advocate and very rarely prescribes medications, so I figured he had a strong reason. My first notice is my hair, skin, and nails are longer, stronger, and more vibrant. I’ve also noticed that I’m sleeping better and longer at night. Another plus is that by only drinking one a day, I’ve lost 3lbs in 21 days. I weighed 131 when I started and I’m down to 128. Great product for sure!” – Kelly

“I love this stuff! I take this as my post-workout drink instead of a processed crap-filled protein shake that I was drinking. Not only does it taste good, since I’ve been drinking this every day for the last month, my skin has never looked so good, my hair has tons of new growth, my digestive system is working great and I feel great!” – Barbeebeeches

Give Your Body More of What It Needs

Understanding how the food you eat impacts your health is crucial. From there, finding solutions to ensure your body receives what it needs to function at its best is a must, such as Ka’Chava. What you put in your body is what you get out of it. 

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