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An in depth exploration of a new integrative model of health and disease for understanding the disease process – the CPPI (Complete Pathophysiological Process of Illness). Trace disease pathology through three distinct levels of human dysfunction as defined like never before; and in doing so, we just may find the answer to some of medicine’s most prominent questions of the past century – e.g. Who gets sick, who heals, and why?

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More than Biochemistry

We know that there is much more to the human organism than biochemistry, as the actions which play out on that level are in fact, “reactions” to various organizing instructions which are carried by signaling pathways and initiated from a deeper informational source (e.g. DNA/RNA).

This recorded web event will walk you through the functioning of three levels: Biochemical, PNEI, and Information – to explore how they interact with one another and expose what is truly required in medicine in order to convert a vicious disease cycle to a virtuous circle for enduring health.

See how we can help you restore complete health of body, mind & spirit.

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Meet the Author

IM Health Team

Our Innovative Medicine Health Team is a committed and impassioned group of individuals with focused efforts on exploring and shedding light on this comprehensive realm of healing - sharing insight on some of the most advanced, integrative, but most importantly, innovative topics in medicine - empowering you to be the healthiest version of you. Want to learn more? Here's our story.
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