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Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.)

What is B.A.H. and why is my doctor using it? 
Finally, personalized integrative treatments tailored to you, the unique and special patient.

Imagine walking into your doctor’s office for your first follow up visit and being presented with a  precise treatment plan of action that has been 100% personalized to you as an individual. No further invasive testing; no trial and error; just actionable treatments that lead to results…

Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.)  is the highly sophisticated blood evaluation method that makes this possible. It works by capitalizing off of fundamental physics principles to gather precise information at the genetic level and beyond, and all it requires from you is a drop of your blood.

And unlike most blood tests, which rely on blood chemistry to illuminate certain problems in the form of deviations from a present reference range, B.A.H. not only identifies the root causes of those problems, but also details what treatments or medicines your body will need in order to return to a state of excellent health. This, intern, becomes your roadmap back to a healthy life.

What can I expect from a B.A.H. evaluation? 
Getting to the source; providing a precise roadmap to health.

Upon evaluation utilizing B.A.H., your practitioner will be able to provide you with two very important pieces of information.

  1. Your Evaluation of Health – the emphasis here is not on locating symptoms, but their underlying causes. Through B.A.H., your practitioner can accurately identify all sources of dysfunction including pathogens present, infections, poor organ function, stressors impacting health, emotional factors, toxicity in its many different forms, and much more.
  2. Your Program of Treatment – there are no generalized protocols in B.A.H. Every patient’s program of treatment is unique and highly specific to you, and may encompass options that include conventional, alternative, nutritional, lifestyle / diet, emotional, energetic, and other medical methods.

The combination of these two critical pieces come together to provide the most comprehensive plan of action to completely restore health, even in extremely difficult cases.

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The Basis of a Completely New Paradigm of Medicine

Basis of Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.)

Modern day medical research and practice are heavily geared towards biochemical processes. Despite vast progress in numerous scientific fields and advances in technology, biology and medicine still follow Newtonian beliefs formulated in the 17th Century. The basis of conventional medicine is diagnosis without paying attention to the cause(s) of dysfunction.

A new paradigm of 21st century biological medicine considers each person as a unique individual with incredible healing abilities. The main goal of this paradigm is to find and eliminate all causes of dysfunctions on all levels: biochemical and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – allowing the body to restore its natural, inherited healing ability and reestablish balance and harmony – otherwise known as complete health.

Based on this new paradigm as well as quantum physics and molecular biology, a new system was established called Bioresonance Analysis of Health (or B.A.H.). This precise medical system enables the practitioner to decode the information pertaining to all aspects of health within a patient. It is like a truthful conversation with the patient’s intelligence.

B.A.H. allows, with great precision, to establish the dosage, frequency and length of application of medicines, supplements, and treatments based on individual requirements, and not on guessing. The role of this method in real preventive medicine, as well as chronic, degenerative and autoimmune disorders, is exceptional and unmatched.

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