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The two-way interplay between body and mind is something we’re only just beginning to understand fully. Just as a patient with depression is more likely to become chronically ill, so a chronically ill patient is more likely to develop a mental illness. But why does this happen?

The Power of Negative Thinking

Even though we have viruses and bacteria attacking us every day, we are far more susceptible to these pathogens when our thoughts are overwhelmingly negative. While years of constant negative thinking will eventually manifest as pathological symptoms.

The Cancer Connection

Cancer may be the clearest example of this two-way link. In a study from the National Institute on Aging, after surveying over 4800 people, it was found that those with chronic depression lasting longer than six years had over an 85% higher risk of developing cancer in the next 4 years.

What the researchers concluded was that depression fuels cancer by damaging T-cells and increasing widespread inflammation. Unfortunately, both cancer and chemotherapy have been shown to biochemically contribute to depression as well. Further, feelings of loneliness have also been shown to be clear predictors of cancer and dementia.

So why aren’t more doctors addressing their patient’s emotional states? And what can we do to foster a more positive outlook? According to Shin Keough, the most basic way to turn off the mind and allow the body to reach a healing state is to rid feelings of resistance.

The Healing State

Shin is the creator of the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed and a practitioner of mind-body treatments.

As Shin states, the mind is the biggest culprit of our physical health and usually the beginning and end of disease. However, we have the power to change our minds and make them work for us. Devices like the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed have several mechanisms that support cellular function, bring us to a parasympathetic state, and foster our innate healing abilities.

I wanted to give some credence to the body itself because there are certain elements like the voltage in the cells. If the voltage gets low in the cells it will open itself to a greater amount of negativity or lower vibration.

– Shin Keough

Further, the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed can offset the influence of our countless devices, such as cellphones and hairdryers, that are seemingly benign—but have electromagnetic frequencies that disrupt our own natural biorhythms and cellular function.

Additionally, supporting the body will also support the mind, and good lifestyle decisions like exercising, eating well, practicing gratitude, and meditating are all positive activities that reinforce healing and psycho-emotional balance.

What is the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed?

The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed is an energy medicine-based technology that incorporates crystals, phototherapy, Royal Rife frequencies, pulsed electromagnetic fields, binaural sounds, as well as the therapeutic actions of orgone and essential oils all specified and coordinated for each individual patient. By sending information directly to the cells and DNA, this therapy helps reestablish homeostasis and increases the body’s innate ability to heal.

About Shin Keough

A self-taught engineer and entrepreneur, Shin Keough formed the company Quantum Resonance which develops the multi-modal crystal bed. His primary focus with the system is for the improved health of his clients.

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