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With six in 10 adults in the US suffering from at least one chronic disease, it’s about time that we start looking at all possible contributing factors. Perhaps the most important factor, diet, should be discussed by those professionals who best understand nutrition and its role in health.

In our recent feature in the Vegetarian Times, we help explain how inflammation is at the root cause of nearly every chronic disease, from acne to arthritis and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, introducing certain anti-inflammatory foods (such as pineapples) and reducing pro-inflammatory foods can significantly reduce these signs of metabolic dysfunction and markers of cardiovascular diseases, like elevated CRP levels and high LDL cholesterol. Read the article here for the full list!

About the Vegetarian Times

Since 1974, the Vegetarian Times has been the authority on the plant-based lifestyle. An imprint of Outside, the Vegetarian Times is home to one of the largest collections of recipes, cooking tips, news, and lifestyle content for vegans, vegetarians, and the veg-curious.

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