Empowered Healing is Finally Here!


The moment has finally come – Empowered Healing is now live on our site!
Take a quick look at why this new product launch is so exciting for both us, and more importantly, for you.

Why We’re Excited

This program has been 12 years in the making. EH (Empowered Healing for short) is the culmination of many years spent talking to doctors and patients about the practices that lead to sustainable healthThrough all of our research, we’ve learned countless methods on how one can improve their overall health outside of the doctor’s office. We’ve compiled all this information into an incredibly comprehensive and nuanced program that caters to your heath goals. We’ll guide you through the different facets of health and show you how to optimize each one based on your own personal circumstances.

Additionally, this is our first originally produced product in years. This is a refreshing, new venture for us that we’ve put a lot of effort into and is something that we’re incredibly excited about!

Why You Should Be Excited

This program was designed specifically to help you unlock your own unique healing potential. We’ve been working with physicians across the globe to study the unique traits of each patient and how they got better. We then reverse engineered it for a larger population while simultaneously allowing it to be personalized to you.

We’ve seen first hand how patients have been stripped of their vitality due to chronic ailments. We created this program in order to put the power back into patient’s, practitioner’s, and the general public’s hands and ultimately restore a sense of health and purpose in their lives. Through Empowered Healing, we want to enable each individual to become the healthiest version of themselves and come out of the program more resilient and less susceptible to health challenges in the future.

Basically, we’ve taken so much of what we’ve seen to be incredibly beneficial for so many chronic diseased patients at our world-renowned medical center, the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, and packaged it neatly so anyone can participate and reap the rewards.

Here are just a few things that you can expect from Empowered Healing that set it apart:

  1. Over 10 hours of video content: Strategically organized and spread throughout 12 modules, we introduce and explain numerous principles that are paramount to understanding our holistic view of health, and provide you with the “why” behind every recommendation and protocol.
  2. Precise steps of action: from a diet plan, to an exercise program, to lifestyle protocols and much more, not only do we provide fundamental principles to abide by, but specific protocols to follow over the course of 12 weeks and beyond.
  3. Ongoing email support: Daily emails to keep you on track and motivated.
  4. PDF downloads with a recap of what is covered in the video modules, along with designated activity sheets ready for you to use as you navigate through the 12 modules of Empowered Healing.

After going through this program, you’ll see the world in a whole new light – one that is full of endless possibility. Empowered Healing will take you on a journey that has effects that last a lifetime. We’ll be here to guide you through every step of the way. Sound interesting? Start Empowered Healing Today!

Optimize your health – the innovative way.
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