Empowered Healing Gets a Launch Date


We’re excited to announce that ‘Empowered Healing’, our special 12-week healing program, will be launching June 1st, 2017. After 12 years of working directly with physicians and patients, we’ve taken the best and most effective insights, discoveries, techniques and tools and wrapped them into one program that actualizes sustainable long-term healing.

What is ‘Empowered Healing’?

Empowered Healing was created on the premise that heath is our natural state, and restoring this state is something we are all capable of, given the right tools and guidance. Whether you’ve been battling a chronic health issue for many years, recently became ill, or have just been feeling run down, this program will illuminate and optimize your healing potential outside of the medical office.

Will it show me how to eat better? Yeah, you can say that.
Is it something that can optimize my sleep and recovery? Yes it is.
Can it help me better understand what’s stopping me from being healthy? Oh, absolutely!
Will it show me how to destress and accelerate healing? Most definitely.

You see, when we came up with the idea of creating a program to help people become their healthiest versions, we knew there was no one answer or simple solution that would work for everyone. Each of us are incredibly unique, and we had to incorporate this fact into Empowered Healing. Therefore, the end result is not just an incredibly comprehensive and holistic course that provides you with multiple ways to heal, but also personalizes it to you so you don’t become overwhelmed.

What will I be doing?

After taking our Holistic Lifestyle Assessment and determining which aspects of your life are currently in need of prioritized optimization, you will then be exposed to a plethora of information on a new medical paradigm that will build awareness and change your perception of health and disease forever. The bulk of the program is centered around specific protocols that you will integrate into your daily routine, all based on numerous fields of science, patient success stories and integrative practitioner recommendations.

With knowledge, comes power – and our aim is to empower you to unleash your innate healing abilities and experience the upward spiral of health.

How is ‘Empowered Healing’ Different?

This program is so much different than anything you’ve ever come across. We won’t be conveying vague notions or pushing forward on assumptions. Rather, every element comes from clinically verifiable research that has been applied into a systematic program to provide you with precise steps to dramatically improve your ability to heal. This is a results oriented course that will not only provide beneficial actions to take, but also their scientific rationale.

You may be looking at the same world, but after going through Empowered Healing, the world will not look the same. It may appear brighter, lighter and filled with beauty that you never knew existed. What may have once appeared as obstacles, you will now see as opportunities for growth, change, empowerment and ultimately, healing.

Optimize your health – the innovative way.
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  1. Brian Kukla
    Brian Kukla says:

    Good luck with the launch! I had a chance to preview and provide feedback on the program, and also plan to be one of the early participants. Having previously practiced a number of the elements included in Empowered Healing, but as separate activities, I really love the comprehensiveness of this program. I also am impressed that the program is based on clinically, verifiable results backed by science. I am convinced that anyone who participates in this program will absolutely improve their overall health: mind, body & spirit! Thank you for your work in putting this program together!


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