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Your blueprint to reclaiming your healthy natural state.

“Empowered Healing” was created on the premise that our natural state is health, and restoring this state is something we are all capable of, given the right tools and guidance.

Based on the clinical input of top integrative physicians, modern breakthroughs in our understanding of the science behind healing, and utilizing the experience of numerous patients who have successfully navigated their way out of disease and back to sustainable health, we’ve engineered a comprehensive program that provides you with the precise tools and guidance to take you out of overwhelm and into a state of physical, mental & emotional vitality.

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Reenvisioning how we heal

Unleash your healing potential.

Whether you’re chronically ill and looking for ways to optimize your success outside the doctor’s office, wondering why various treatments don’t always lead to long-term health, or simply curious about what you can do in your personal life to compliment your medical treatment, this 12-week program will show you how to implement all of the discoveries and principles that Innovative Medicine is based on to empower yourself and reclaim health outside the medical office.

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Getting to the source of how and why we heal

Why ‘Empowered Healing’ is different.

‘What’s the one thing you’d say is the biggest determinant of whether someone will move out of a diseased state into one of long-term health?’
That’s the question we posed to doctors and patients from around the world when we began brainstorming this course. The answer? The will to heal.

It seems like an over simplistic answer, but it turned out to be scientifically proven true as the most critical factor in healing. With this in mind, we created a specialized 12-week program that not only guides you step-by-step on the advanced healing techniques you can utilize at home, but also consciousness building exercises and a definite framework where potential converts into actualized sustainable long-term healing.

What you’ll learn:
  • A holistic understanding of the underlying causes of illness and the critical (yet often overlooked) mechanisms that determine how people truly heal.
  • How to start feeling better instantly and optimize your recovery response by learning and applying the scientific evidence that the body can heal itself.
  • The 7 key fundamentals of health and how to address each of them in a personalized way that starts with your current individual-based priority.
  • The ‘Healing Blueprint’ framework: A five step process for charting your own unique course back to health, starting from right where you are.
  • How to solidify your newfound vitality, step fully into your healthiest self and sustain your new ‘set-point’ for the rest of your life.

With video-based lessons, interactive exercises, and downloadable program guides, you can now incorporate healing solutions found in the top medical centers around the world, from the comfort of your home.

Along the way, you’ll receive personalized feedback and support from our dedicated team and regain your health  – for good!

Complete List of Modules and Lessons

Module 1: Redefining Health & Disease

In this module, also titled “Redefining Health and Disease“, you will be exposed to a plethora of information on a new medical paradigm that embraces one simple truth: health is our natural state, and given the right tools and guidance, is something that the human body is able to reclaim. We will start, as the title states, by redefining health and disease and explaining that health is essentially an unobstructed flow of information, and a natural order that exists all around us in nature. We will of course take a close look at what causes disease and dysfunction in the human body, and provide a scientific understanding of how the body works in a holistic manner.


  1. Health as Our Natural State
  2. Stagnation Causes Disease
  3. Body, Mind & Spirit
  4. How People Heal (CPPI)
  5. Entering a New Paradigm
  6. Personal Transmutation & Healing as a Journey
  7. Activity 1: Out of Overwhelm
  8. Activity 2: Into Power

Module 2: Your Destination

In this Module, also called “Unveiling your call to action“, we will explain the importance of having a dream and how it will serve a functional purpose in your journey to health. We will also recap the Empowered Healing Blueprint and health as our natural state, as we learned in Module 1. Identifying a purpose and goal in during your healing process will serve as the catalyst to action, and is often singled out by physicians as the difference between patients that sustain health after treatment, and those that fall back into a diseased state.


  1. Unveiling your call to action
  2. The Physics of a Dream
  3. Activity 1: Determining Your Dream
  4. Activity 2: Making it Tangible
  5. Activity 3: Becoming Your Dream
  6. An Expert Guided Meditation

Module 3: Your Roadmap

Module 3 is focused on building an action plan to achieve the dream that was defined in Module 2. We will link the macrocosmis categories of life to the microcosmic categories of life, connecting your daily actions to the bigger picture. We will also discuss how to apply your HLA (Holistic Lifestyle Assessment) results to create your own personalized health prescription. This module also includes an activity to help you chart your course and build your MAP (Massive Action Plan).


  1. Mapping Your Course
  2. Macro Vision to Micro Actions
  3. Applying your HLA Results
  4. Activity 1: Creating your MAP

Module 4: Your Journey

This module further explains that healing is a non-linear process. There are ups and downs to every journey, and we introduce the concept of transcendence vs. transformation being a key component to the healing process. We also explain the levels of consciousness as defined by the late Dr. David Hawkins, and describe the impact these various levels have on health and the ability to achieve sustainable health. Additionally, we introduce the set-point effect and the importance of changing your set-point, or your ability to trascend the levels of consciousness. We also introduce 3 activities aimed at identifying roadblocks, or negative thought patterns and training the body and mind to let go of these cyclical thoughts and emotions.


  1. Transcending Limits
  2. The Set-Point Effect
  3. The Levels of Consciousness
  4. Vicious Cycles to Virtuous Circles
  5. Activity 1: Identifying the Roadblocks
  6. Activity 2: Debugging Bogus Beliefs: “The Letting Go Technique”
  7. Activity 3: Changing the Set-Point: “The Choice Point Technique”
  8. The Upward Spiral

Module 5: Movement

Movement pertains to any type of exercise that facilitates a shift (both temporarily and over the long term) in physiology. This includes anything on the exertion spectrum from resistance training, to running, swimming biking and other forms of cardiovascular exercise, to more restorative exercises such as yoga, Tai chi, Qi gong and even conscious breath-work. We often think of exercise as exertion e.g. “working out.” But in this broader category of movement, we must also consider the recovery mechanisms as “working in.” The latter examples of movement above are all exercises aimed at replenishing the body’s energy systems as opposed to exhausting or depleting them.

Because this balance of exertion & recovery is so critical for maintaining homeostasis, the associated action sheet will provide you with general guidelines for maintaining balance between exertion (yang) and recovery (yin), as well as provide you with specific types of movement activity that you may wish to incorporate as your level of health progresses.

Module 6: Diet

If movement is the catalyst for increased energy production, then diet should be thought of as the fuel you take in to replenish yourself. It’s easy to be confused when entering the world of diet because there are so many myths and marketing terms thrown around. In actuality, it’s really quite simple. Quality in = Quality out. Regardless of macro-nutrient ratios and fancy prescriptions, your baseline quality of health is most largely determined by the quality of the foods that you eat. You may be tempted to experiment with various diet types and that’s fine. Even encouraged if for instance, you are in need of a detox, then following a low animal protein diet for a time is beneficial. However, never loose sight of what is fundamentally important and that will always be food quality.

Therefore, the diet-related action sheet will provide you with resources for learning about food quality and how to ensure that you are shopping for the best produce (as opposed to products), as well as guide you to some of the best curated books that cut through all the clutter and take you back to the basics of what actually works.

Module 7: Quiet

If movement is your energy booster and your diet/nutrition is your fuel, then quiet is your restoration and assimilation period. Our society has become hyper focused on productivity. It’s been said that we’ve become “human doings” as opposed to human beings. You need only look around to see that everything from extreme exercise programs, to monthly goals and outcomes, to the very lights that enable us to “burn the midnight oil”, staying up into the night when we should be sleeping – all these are aimed at further exertion. All the while, we seem to have forgotten the most fundamental law of physics: Polarity – “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

If we don’t replenish the energy that is lost through exertion, we are virtually guaranteed to burn out. And burn out we do. We get sick, tired, lose enthusiasm, or fall apart in a hundred different ways. Most of us lack the awareness to link these crises to our one-sided way of living. Sometimes we mistakenly think we are maintaining when in fact, we are just compensating and slowly wearing down and weakening over time. It is at that point when something we might have been able to handle: a cold, an infection or stressful life event seizes the opportunity and acts as the straw that breaks the camel’s back. But the camel’s back might never have broken if it was not already carrying such a heavy load. – The aim of quiet, is to lighten this load.

Module 8: Joy

Now, this is important. All too often, we get so caught up in the healing process – learning to perfect our diet, exercise, meditations practices, etc. that we forget why we’re doing it. This goes back to your source, your dream. But it must be stated here, that FUN and joy should be a central component of any healing or sustainable self-improvement endeavor. Lack of fun is the number one reason why people fail to uphold regular exercise routines. Or any routines for that matter.

In addition to its purely practical function that fun makes everything else more sustainable, there are some important biochemical elements linked in with enjoyment which serve to not only create a positive association between self-care and happiness, but also have powerful immune boosting properties. Just as cortisol and adrenalin from prolonged stress can suppress immune function, oxytocin and dopamine from pleasure can trigger immune boosting activity simply by experiencing more enjoyment on a regular basis. This module will provide you with some highly practical tips for incorporating more fun into your everyday life.

Module 9: Environment

Your environment is one factor that plays a critical role in your health for several reasons. On the macroscopic level where your environment refers to your location and surroundings, it should make sense by this point that you would benefit from being in an environment to which you are best suited (e.g. living in the mountains and longing for the coast is not optimal, nor is the opposite). The place that will bring you the most harmony is the place that is most aligned with your inner sense of self. Now, whether you are in this place or not, there is plenty that can be done to improve your personal space.

In the immediate sense of environment, is your home. Once more, some may do best in a modern stark style while others are energized by seeing lots of furnishings, and items such as collectibles. The environment module will provide you with some basic guidelines for maintaining a home/space that works best for you, as well as begin to direct you toward the realization of a locational environment to which you may be better suited in the future.

Module 10: Abundance

“Do you view the world as friendly or hostile?” – This questions has lead to countless studies being conducted on the neurophysiology of harboring an abundance vs scarcity mindset. Wherein the former, the core operating belief is one from which there is no need to rush, to stockpile, or otherwise protect resources, and those with the latter felt a fundamental need to guard their resources: time, money, sense of personal identity and so on. You can begin to see to what great extent this (too often, subconscious) choice can determine a person’s outlook on life and even their actions.

The Abundance module will provide you with the basic principles of abundance, as well as tips and resources for more consciously creating or choosing an abundance mindset over a scarcity mindset. From energy levels, to outlook, to finances, the positive regulation of this set-point can facilitate profound shifts in health and overall wellbeing.

Module 11: Relationships

Organizational change specialist and psychologist Gustavo Rabin stated, that “There are three things that must work in life, in order for life to work well” – They are: your relationship to yourself; your relationship to your work (what you do that connects you to the world); and your relationship to others. Often times, as strong willed individuals, we take pride in “being self-sufficient” or “making it on our own.” And while there is merit to being self-reliant, the fact of the matter is that we live in a participatory universe. Just as no cell in the human body functions in isolation, we as individuals function as a part of a greater collective (family, community, society and planet).

Just as we’ve shown throughout the web presentation, the health of any system, society, or cellular organism is dependent on open flow of unhindered communication. If we put up barricades between our inner selves and outer selves; ourselves and our work or role in something beyond us; and ourselves and others, then we disrupt the natural flow of energy and information that should be in a state of fluid exchange in order for health to persist and improve. If you’ve ever stopped yourself from expressing something to someone that was sincerely true to you, and you felt a physical sense of constriction (often in the chest, stomach or throat) then you’ve experienced first hand, the important role that the quality of relationships as on the quality and function of health. This module will provide you with guidelines for maintaining healthy relationships and direct you to some of the best resources for taking action to improve this area of your life.

Module 12: Connection

If relationships are described as that which has to do with transfer and flow of information among inter and intra-personal settings, then “connection” is the fundamental flow of information that governs the connection and flow of energy and information in extra-personal settings. This includes aspects such as your relationship to nature, to your surroundings, and your overall sense of connectedness in this universe.

If you are an analytical thinker, you may feel a little uneasy at first when trying to make sense of something as seemingly esoteric as “connectedness”. But even the most rational thinkers, philosophers such as Descartes and Aristotle were always trying to determine what the fundamental elements were that unite all things. Every world religion and spiritual tradition faces this existential question head on when pondering what happens after death? Once you begin to understand the extent to which we are truly connected, this question can be answered by turning to another: “What happens when a drop of water returns to the ocean?” The implication being that there is some universal essence of which we are all embodiments. And therefore we cannot think of ourselves as separate from our surroundings.

Who it’s for:

Whether you’re chronically ill and looking for ways to optimize your success outside the doctor’s office, wondering why various treatments don’t always lead to long-term health, looking to improve your patient’s results, or simply curious about what you can do in your personal life to compliment your medical treatment, this specialized 12-week program will show you how to implement all of the discoveries and principles that are geared to empower you and reclaim your health.

Let us show you how to embrace and incorporate all the tools that are available to develop a flexible mind and ultimately reclaim health, vitality and purpose.

Still not sure? Take our Holistic Lifestyle Assessment (HLA) and see what your health score is, and how improvements in specific areas of your life can improve your health and well-being.

What’s Included

We’ve made the process of becoming an Empowered Healer remarkably easy.

12-Week Guide

A step-by-step, comprehensive plan that takes you through the necessary actions to super-charge your healing experience. Tailored to you, this plan will serve as a blueprint to reclaiming your natural healthy state.

Video Modules

Even before you start your 12-week program, we’ll supply you with several video modules providing the basis of what to expect, why this program works, the science and clinical proof, and success stories to build your awareness and enthusiasm.

Audio Files

We’ll provide you with audio files you can download and listen to anywhere – whether on the go or to aid you in relaxing at home. These include all lessons, additional meditations, expert interviews and more.

Email Coaching

Each week, you’ll receive emails delivered to your inbox with words of inspiration and tips to help you stay on track and answer any questions you may have. Each email will correspond with a particular component of the program that ensures you get the most out of every healing action.

Research & Readings

This course was designed on the research, discoveries, and clinical knowledge of many top minds. If you want to learn more about a certain component or concept, you’ll receive our recommended reading guide so you can explore the resources that explain why ‘Empowered Healing’ is so effective.

Online Community

Become involved on our private Facebook group to share resources, seek support, and connect with others looking to reclaim abundant and sustainable health of body, mind and spirit.

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