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Lecher Antenna

While there is very little information readily available about him, Ernst Lecher was a 19th-century physicist whose innovations are changing the face of medicine in the 21st century. 

Who Was Ernst Lecher?

Ernst Lecher was born in Vienna, Austria in  June 1856. He was one of seven children and one of three who would go on to have notable accomplishments. Lecher studied at the University of Vienna and then obtained his Ph.D. at Innsbruck University. In 1882, Lecher returned to Vienna and worked in the Department of Physics at the university for a few years, then took a professorship in Innsbruck, and after that, he served on the chair of experimental physics in Prague. He didn’t return to his hometown again until 1909 when he took on the prestigious role of head of the First Institute of Physics.

After years of studying, teaching, researching, writing, and experimenting, Lecher developed two devices, Lecher lines, and the Lecher antenna, used to measure wavelengths, take qualitative readings on energy, and determine energetic capability between an individual and products, such as medication or supplements.

What Are Lecher Lines?

Professor Lecher is the pioneer of high-frequency measurement. This is significant because everything in the known universe is composed of energy produced, emitted, and received by atoms. This constant production, emittance, and receiving of energy creates vibrations. This means that everything in the world vibrates, and those vibrations are expressed as wavelengths. Our cells, tissues, organs, and even emotions and thought patterns vibrate at their own unique resonant frequencies, as does everything else around us. 

Lecher also developed Lecher lines, a pair of parallel wires or rods used to measure the length and frequency of electric waves giving scientists and doctors an inside look at the way we interact with different external frequencies—including the frequencies of medications and treatments—can be beneficial or detrimental to our health. 

Professor Lecher used this technology to develop the Lecher antenna, a highly sensitive device now used in integrative medicine to identify energetic blocks or imbalances and measure what is compatible with the human organism.

Lecher Antenna

The Lecher Antenna

The Lecher antenna, also referred to as the Lecher instrument, is a handheld apparatus used for the qualitative detection of energy field interactions. It is the principal scientific instrument used within Bioresonance Analysis of Health and ACMOS balancing therapy. Like how a tuning fork, set to a specific tone, will audibly alert its listener whenever a similar harmonic wavelength is transmitted through acoustic resonance. Through vibrations, the Lecher antenna informs its users of the frequencies impacting organic matter through bioresonance. By setting the conductive shorting bar to a certain calibrated notch, the presence of precise oscillatory waves can be detected. 

Ernst Lecher’s Innovations and the Gateway to the Future of Medicine 

We each have our own unique energetic signatures or vibrations. You can think of yourself as a one-of-a-kind orchestra. Your cells, tissues, organs, emotions, and thoughts produce their own resonance. The way our instruments interact with external instruments (i.e., medicine, supplements, food, etc.) can be either harmonious or discordant. You can think of the Lecher antenna as the conductor, whose ear is fine-tuned to identify the players who aren’t in harmony with the rest of the orchestra. The players in this comparison is resonance.

Harmony equals health, and the Lecher antenna is making it possible for doctors to determine what is causing disharmony in the first place and what will help restore it. 

Ernst Lecher’s innovation is capable of: 

Testing Compatibility with an Individual 

If a product (medicine, supplement, substance, etc.) does not contain certain energetic qualities, it might not only be useless to a patient but may actually even cause more harm. Analyzing the vibrational quality of a product and checking its energetic compatibility with the person it is intended for allows doctors and patients to totally skip the trial-and-error approach to determining the correct treatment options. 

Measure Energy in the Human Body

The Lecher antenna can also be used to measure and analyze different fields of electro-magnetic energy and circuits within the human body. These measurements give detailed information about the cells within the body, which represent the body in three dimensions: physical, emotional, and psychological. It can identify where in the body there are perturbations energetic disorders or disturbances.  

Energetic blockages and imbalances in the body cause disease, so having a tool that can identify these sorts of things is a game-changer for approaching healing and health. It can enable early detection of the presence of dysfunction that may be invisible to traditional specialists relying on imaging equipment. Early detection often means a much less invasive and traumatic treatment plan.

Striving for Synergy 

Ernst Lecher gave us the tools to look at the human body energetically and create customized treatment plans based on our own unique energetic fields. The goal is synergy. The Lecher antenna puts an end to the days of guesswork and supports completely customized medicine that is only possible by first having a three-dimensional portrait of the patient.

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