Geopathic Stress: The Forgotten Cause of Dysfunction


Geopathic stress is a term that is fairly new to many in the medical field and involves the greater understanding of the Earth’s electromagnetic and radiation influence. Recent exploration and research of the effects of these fields have proven that geopathic stress has a deleterious impact on human health.

In this Innovative Medicine video, we will explore the bioclimatic science of medicine as it relates to the numerous aspects of geopathic stress and the integrative therapeutic modalities currently used to mitigate and reverse the harmful effects of this specific stressor.

In addition, bioenergetic medical expert Dr. Hanoch Talmor, MD will help illustrate how to identify whether geopathic stress is affecting your patients, and the clinical steps health care professionals can take in these instances.


About Dr. Talmor

Dr. Talmor graduated from Hadassah Medical school in Jerusalem in 1974 and practiced holistic medicine in Gainesville, Florida. His approach utilized body-mind techniques in his medical practice as a pediatrician and emergency room physician since 1976. He is the author of the audiocassette tape series: “Healing, Balance, Peace and Love” and the book: “Unconditional Healing – Personal and Planetary Healing for the New Millennium.” Dr. Talmor was the Medical Director of the Gainesville Holistic Center.

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