Happy New Year!


A new year is upon us, and we’d like to take a moment to reflect, as well as share some of our 2015 resolutions and goals. As we reflect on the past year, we share our eternal thanks and gratitude for your support in making 2014 a record-breaking and memorable one for us.

Here are just a few of the accomplishments that made 2014 so special:

  • Redefined our goals and mission, and created an ambitious new vision for the future of medicine and healthcare
  • Launched our new site with an abundance of new resources and articles, as well as simple and secure ordering for physicians
  • Developed a new online course with a brand new and cutting-edge view of biological medicine
  • Constructed a radical medical understanding of who get’s sick and why through the Complete Pathophysiological Process of Illness (CPPI) model 
  • Taught practitioners across 6 continents advanced integrative techniques and application of sophisticated methods to personalize protocols and achieve remarkable patient success
  • Helped to open a medical center in New York City that is becoming the blueprint for other integrative practices of the future
  • Traveled to India to promote quantum / personalized medicine in collaboration with The Quantum Institute for Wellbeing 
  • Attended the opening of a brand new medical facility in Germany that will be producing extremely high quality and advanced biological medicines

And that’s just a short summary. But now its time to keep the focus ahead of us, and talk about what’s to come…

What’s In Store for 2015

International Collaborations

We’re eager to utilize our international partners and allies and reach a broader segment of interested doctors and patients from all areas of the world. Much of 2015 will be focused on spreading awareness and building a strong community of forward-thinking pioneers. Special events are being formulated to expand the Innovative Medicine movement, and we’ll hopefully share those later in the year.

Unique and Trusted Content

One of the main areas we continue to focus on is the creation of truly unique, high quality content. We’re currently working on several eBooks, videos, and articles that would educate and increase the awareness of advanced integrative medicine to practitioner, patient, and the public. We’ll be working with top alternative physicians, quantum physicists, and experts in a number of other interesting medical and science fields to provide you with top-notch information that is changing how we view health and medicine.

Optimizing Practitioner’s Practices

patient-centric results-based modelIn order to achieve stellar patient success, a practice must first be optimized to run and operate efficiently. Without the foundational pieces in place, healing and implementing advanced techniques and systems for success becomes much more difficult. Utilizing our expertise and experience, we plan to continue developing segments and informational pieces that will educate and empower doctors to run more more efficient practices, allowing them to concentrate on medicine and not be bogged down by the business side of a practice. We continue to evolve this area of our business..

Providing Patients with More…

We’re well aware that in a Patient-Centric Results-Based Clinical Model, the more information and knowledge a patient has, the more empowered they become and the better their results. We’ve devised projects to truly empower the patient – from app-based medical tools, to special therapeutic programs that ensure maximum healing – and aid practitioners in their goals of restoring health.

It’s going to be an exciting 2015, and with your help, we look forward to making it another historic year in transforming health and medicine.

On behalf of all of us at Innovative Medicine, we’d like to wish you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.


The Team at Innovative Medicine

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  1. Dr. Esquivel
    Dr. Esquivel says:

    Happy New Year to all of the staff of Innovative Medicine! Thank you for making available such wonderful remedies and training to practitioners like myself. Best wishes for an even more “Innovative” and prosperous new year.


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