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Alternative health parenting

As a survivor of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Lauren Vaknine understands the limitations of conventional medicine for many conditions.

Adolescence with a disability

According to Lauren, as a child, she knew that was different from other kids. But she also recognized that she was different from the other kids with juvenile arthritis, too. Due to a lifetime of corticosteroid injections, few of her contemporaries lived much passed age 18.

Fortunately for Lauren, her parents knew enough to avoid these drugs and tried any-and-every alternative therapy available. And for almost twenty years, Lauren kept her symptoms manageable without the use of steroid injections.

Keep Calm and Parent On

Now a parent herself, Lauren understands the importance of being informed. She also understands the importance of being healthy yourself before starting a family. As Lauren says, we know through epigenetics that everything is passed down from us to our children.

Even before pregnancy, it is vital to eat healthily, get sunlight, and exercise regularly. But more than anything, staying in a calm state with low stress is key for a child’s health. Tools like deep breathing, meditation, prayer, gratitude, and other relaxation techniques are incredibly powerful and will even transfer to your child. 

The Importance of Informed Consent

When it comes to raising children under the direction of conventional doctors, informed consent is everything. As parents, we shouldn’t be more informed than the physicians treating us—or our children. Unfortunately, this is often the case when concerning pharmaceuticals, their ingredients, and their endless lists of side effects. 

As Lauren learned, informed consent is necessary whether or not your child is battling a chronic illness. With only limited information available, parents must do their own research and often from sources scoffed at by the prevailing medical authorities.

Informed consent; I don’t think there’s anything more important for us as parents than informed consent. Whatever decision you decide to make, that should come from a place of informed choice.

– Lauren Vaknine

About Lauren Vaknine

Lauren Vaknine is a health writer, holistic wellness coach, and speaker. At only 23 months old she was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and was wheelchair-bound by 18 and on chemotherapy.

After spending a decade in intensive self-study, Lauren used a root-cause, integrative, mind-body approach to recondition her mind and body back to health. By age 29 she was in remission and began her career in integrative health and coaching.

Lauren’s free articles, talks, podcast, and recipes are all created to encourage people to live their healthiest, happiest lives.

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