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Perhaps you’ve never heard of spagyric medicine, but you’ve most likely heard of homeopathy, herbology, and pharmacology. Now take the best qualities of each of these disciplines, and place them into one sophisticated natural medication that is more effective, less toxic, more bioavailable, gentler, more dynamic, simpler to prescribe, and more complete. This is precisely what spagyric medicine achieves.

Spagyric natural medications combine multiple vital ingredients (including plants, herbs, minerals, and metals), all enhanced and evolved to their highest potential through an intricate production process. Dynamized and homeopathically attenuated ingredients are combined with purified, concentrated, and bioavailable medicinal plants and herbs to form a dynamic medicine where all ingredients work synergistically to become much more than the sum of their parts. The end result is a biological medicine unlike any other.

Most medication on the market today aims to alleviate and manage symptoms. Not spagyric medicine. Through an advanced production method and the use of numerous, high-quality natural ingredients, spagyric medicine offers practitioners an effective oral therapy that addresses root-cause dysfunctions and regulates the body for optimal functioning and restores the patient to their natural, healthy state.


Spagyric medicines contain homeopathic attenuations obtained through a distillation process. The therapeutic ingredients are left with energetic vibrational signals that are dynamized and concentrated. Unlike homeopathic remedies that are left with only signatures of the original material used, Spagyric Medicines recombine purified states of original physical ingredients with the distilled homeopathic attenuations so the final product has an affect on the biochemical (physical) level, PNEI regulatory (energetic) level, as well as the informational (quantum state – also energetic) level.
Spagyric medicine combines the benefits of homeopathic mother tinctures with those of high homeopathic attenuations.


In addition to homeopathically attenuated ingredients, Spagyric Medicines recombine these ingredients with their physical counterparts. Unlike herbology though, these ingredients are specially processed and purified to eliminate the toxic side-effects common with herbs and plant products. Multiple plants are used that synergistically work together, and these botanical extracts demonstrate a great variety of individual constituents.
Spagyric medicine keeps active physical constituents of medicinal plants and herbs, but purifies them and makes them more concentrated and bioavailable.


Throughout the formulation and production of each Spagyric medication, pharmacological stipulations and understanding of the effect that certain plants, minerals and metals have on the regulation mechanisms of specific organ systems is taken into consideration. Whereas modern pharmacology only concentrates on the physical level and symptomatic results of dysfunction, Spagyric medicine addresses the body on all levels (biochemical, PNEI regulatory, and informational) and addresses symptomatic causes through the restoration of proper functioning and self-regulation.
Spagyric medicine alleviates symptoms without suppressing them, but rather by providing the proper resources for the body to manage itself and restore health on all levels.

The Missing Link

Conventional medicine focuses on the physical markers; the biochemical processes that are interconnected to symptoms. Homeopathy and other integrative medicines work on the subtle-state fields of the human including psycho-neuro-immunological processes. Highly attenuated homeopathic remedies may work on a purely informational level.
Spagyric medicines are the only medicines that work on all 3 levels simultaneously to effectively end the pathophysiological process of illness and restore complete health.

How Spagyric Medicine Works

Through an advanced production method and the use of numerous, high-quality natural ingredients, spagyric medicine offers practitioners and patients an effective oral therapy that addresses root-cause dysfunctions, regulates the body for optimal functioning and restores the body to a natural, healthy state. It is also quite unique in that it addresses all levels of dysfunction simultaneously. Whereas with other types of medicine, you would require a pharmaceutical or herbal supplement to address biochemical disorders, and a homeopathic remedy for emotional issues, spagyric medicines combine the best of these medicines to regulate biochemical activity, the PNEI (psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology, or more typically known as emotional components), as well as the subtle quantum level informational components (think DNA and information) to truly go after all the different sources that cause disease. In turn, you have a complete medication that is more effective, more bioavailable, gentler, safer, and overall more complete than any other form of medicine.

Today, spagyric medicines are quite popular in Europe for their effectiveness on both complex conditions (Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Hypertension, Depression, Crohn’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes, Thyroid Dysfunction, Auto-Immune Disorders, etc.) as well as acute conditions. They are being used in the United States by some of the top integrative practices, and spreading quickly for their stellar results.

To learn more about spagyric medicine, click here. To find a practice that utilizes spagyric medicine as part of a comprehensive treatment program, learn more about the New York Center for Innovative Medicine (NYCIM).

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