Erin Mewshaw

Short Story – Botox and Beyond with Erin Mewshaw, NP

Like it or not, Botox is a toxin. A recent study found that Botox injections may impair your ability to sense the world through your hands and touch. With over 4 million Botox injections occurring every year, we think it’s worth shedding some light on possible alternatives to Botox injections.

For this conversation, we turned to our own anti-aging specialist, Erin Mewshaw, NP, and Clinical Director at NYCIM, to discuss the usage of Botox and some alternative, natural approaches to anti-aging and skincare.

The skin is an outer reflection of what’s going on inside your body. So there are things that are going to destroy collagen, sugar being number one, dehydration, caffeine, alcohol.

– Erin Mewshaw, NP

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