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Sleep disorders are increasingly common in elderly adults and on the rise affecting over 60 million Americans annually. If you suffer from daytime fatigue or nighttime insomnia, your circadian rhythm may be to blame.

What we call our circadian rhythm, or our internal clock, helps our body regulate the natural flow of energy that correlates with the phases of the sun. When our circadian rhythm fails to manage the normal flow of energy, it can exhaust us prematurely and disrupt our sleeping patterns. A disordered circadian rhythm has even been shown in various studies to negatively affect our health, quickening the rate our bodies age and making us more prone to disease.

Circadian Rhythms and Aging

Modern medicine has done an incredible job of increasing the average life span, but death remains a fact of life. Instead, we grow older and our cells replicate and regenerate; our DNA doubling and splitting each time to ensure all the genetic information a new cell needs is nicely packaged and ready to go.

To make sure our DNA doesn’t get damaged in the process, little caps called telomeres protect the ends of each strand of DNA like the tip of a shoestring. However, with each replication cycle these caps break down risking the exposure of the fraying ends. With a telomere cap gone, the string of DNA begins to unravel, causing mutations that can lead to the cell’s death. This process acts like the cell’s personal biological clock, ticking down the time to its eventual death. The inevitable disappearance of telomeres means fewer cells are replicated as time goes on. With fewer cells, we begin to display changes in our health and appearance. Our skin loses its plasticity and becomes thin, causing wrinkles to form. Inside our bodies, our organs become less effective at their functions and our immune system weakens increasing our risk of disease. For many scientists, protecting our telomeres in DNA is the answer to defying how we age.

Thus, many efforts to protect our telomeres from degradation and recalibrate our natural circadian rhythm may reduce early signs of aging. Fortunately, therapies employing certain biological components that connect these two together are making successful efforts to not only extend life but improve quality of life.

NAD+: Where Energy Begins

One heady example is a chemical molecule called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+. This compound is an essential cofactor for energy production and metabolism and exhibits profound neuro-restorative and protective effects. Created by healthy components found in our food, an improper diet can lead to low levels within our body and cause physical and mental exhaustion.

Many studies have linked NAD+ supplements like Nadovim with significantly improving cognitive function and symptoms associated with neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The primary function of NAD+ is to create our energy currency ATP. By stimulating ATP production and improving energy stores, NAD+ can combat disruptive radical oxygen species that contribute to brain cell death. This is well established, and many clinical studies have evidenced the beneficial effects of NAD+ therapy to promote brain health and restoration.

Although NAD+ supplementation can enhance cognitive focus and concentration, it can also improve DNA stability and protect cellular energy. As the body produces more energy with NAD+, it communicates overall alertness that supports the expression of genes that regulate our circadian rhythm. For example, a special enzyme called Sirt1 promotes the health of telomeres in DNA. NAD+ directly activates Sirt1, making it directly responsible for extending the lifespan of a cell. Sirt1 has also been linked to a group of enzymes that regulate circadian rhythm, suggesting NAD+ can help get biological clocks back on time, too.

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Circadian Rhythm Controls How We Live

As sunlight penetrates our skin and our eyes each morning, countless biochemical signals are sent throughout our bodies indicating when to wake, to expend energy, to thrive; as the sun’s rays fade away with the coming night, the signals cease alerting our genes it is time to recharge, to rebuild, and to rest. In many studies, NAD+ supplementation normalizes whole body circadian rhythm signaling. But it goes a lot further than just improving how we feel during the day and how well we sleep.

Our 24 hour cycle isn’t only connect with energy during the day and sleep at night. This cycle impacts aging, metabolism, and immune system function as well.

Scientists have determined that circadian rhythm may not only influence how we age, but control how we function. It may be responsible for the regulation of our sleep cycle, mental acuity, metabolism, and even reproductive cycle.

What we take for granted as the daily passing of time was once considered the foundation for our daily activities. In a time before the internet, computers, cars, and electricity, our survival depended on our bodily adaptation to the ebbing tides of the seasons. In spring and summer, we feasted on the bounty of our harvests. In fall and winter, we relied on the shelter we built and the stores we had prepared in warmer days. Although life may have been more difficult during this era, our bodies and minds adapted to our environment by invoking similar cycles of beneficial genes that worked to buffer the impact of seasonal shifts.

Nowadays, the setting of the sun corresponds with a time for rest for most life on earth, but for many Americans their evening has only just begun.

Technology is at the Source of Circadian Disruption

Unfortunately, as humans have entered an age of technological advancements, our connection with the natural cycle of day has faltered. We are now exposed to light wavelengths that invoke a false sense of wakefulness at all hours through our laptop, tablet, and phone screens. Our technology has changed the way we work, extending normal operating hours late into the night. Instead, employees feel obligated to stay “plugged in” long after they leave their place of employment. On top of this, many of us are failing to properly fuel our bodies with the necessary vitamins and nutrients to support the natural chemical reactions that should be synchronizing our circadian rhythm. Instead, our production of certain biochemicals is decreasing, dysregulating our circadian rhythm and causing the unnatural deterioration of our minds and bodies as we age. For many, when the time to rest finally does come — sleep evades them, making the need for NAD+ therapies ever more prevalent.

Nadovim Isn’t Just Your Typical NAD+ Supplement

One of the difficulties scientists have faced with creating an NAD+ supplement is the challenges it faces from your digestive system. Studies have determined treatments with pharmacological supplements get degraded and broken down before they can be absorbed in our digestive tract. Instead, Nadovim incorporates natural minerals and botanicals that the body can readily digest.

The ingredients of Nadovim include a proprietary blend of NAD+, CoQ10, Cat’s Claw, Magnesium, Bacopa, Thiamine, Glycine, and Aspartic acid: a potent combination of antioxidants and anti-aging amino acids that support brain health.

The cells that rely upon mitochondria the most are the heart, brain, muscles and lungs. Can you imagine what it would feel like if these vital organs and tissues had less energy? Would you be able to think clearly? Have enough energy to walk up a flight stairs? Get winded faster? Mitochondrial dysfunction systemically affects the body, resulting in a wide range of symptoms and conditions.

“I’ve been using Nadovim for around three weeks and have already noticed an improvement in sleep quality! I’m really pleased and looking forward to seeing other benefits over time.”
— Margie S.

The research is out: each ingredient is uniquely equipped to stimulate cognitive function. But some who started the NAD+ supplement Nadovim, to improve their brain energy and health, felt more than just a reduction of brain fog. They felt their whole body rejuvenated during the day and at night, through improved sleep. Nadovim contains the essential nutrients that can jump-start your circadian rhythm, resetting your day cycle and your night cycle.

Nadovim may be one of the best steps toward recalibrating your natural circadian rhythm. By incorporating a daily supplement of NAD+, you can provide your cells and your brain the necessary energy to focus on your day. With Nadovim, you can begin to repair your biological clock to live a longer, healthier life. You may even find yourself feeling more rested each morning. After all, each day is a gift. Isn’t it time you were truly awake for it?

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