Intuition Healing Power

What happens when you try everything the medical establishment has to offer for a chronic condition, and nothing works? Most patients grow frustrated as well as physically worse, but do not stop to listen to their intuition.

Life with a chronic illness

However, for some patients, like Lauren Vaknine, a lifetime of illness inevitably leads you to question the standard of care and look for other options.

Humans are equipped with a remarkable ability to self-regulate and heal. This ability of intuition was recognized by the ancients and has been passed down through nearly all traditional healing practices.

A transformational health and wellness coach, Lauren Vaknine takes us through this intuitive process and explains how it works and how we can all better cultivate it.

Assessing your symptoms

When a condition becomes chronic, oftentimes it is labeled as incurable and the goal becomes managing symptoms.

But growing up with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Lauren Vaknine knew there was a better way. Every time she started down the path of allopathic care, she course-corrected by following her instinct. Steroid injections that reduced pain in her peers often lead to their physical demise and ultimate death. While homeopathic remedies and alternative treatments abroad were slowly but surely reversing her condition.

No amount of maintenance treatments are going to work if I’m not taking ownership of my body…making the decisions and knowing and being intuitively guided by my higher self to know what my body needs.

– Lauren Vaknine

And like Lauren, no one can perfectly follow their intuition all of the time. So it is vital to listen to what your body is telling you and let it intuitively guide you. Sometimes it takes intuition to take all of the various pieces of health—the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—and tie them all together.

The power of meditation

We are physical and spiritual beings. And caring for yourself on a spiritual level can work wonders for your physical health. As Lauren learned, spiritual practices such as meditation and visualization are key for connecting your mind and body and activating your inner healing potential.

In fact, over twenty randomized control trials show that participants who frequently practiced mindfulness meditation saw changes in select biomarkers of immune system activity. Although these results are replicable, there was variation in the data that suggests further investigation is warranted.

It is not enough to live in “maintenance mode.” We are sovereign beings that deserve health and respond accordingly to the power of thought, positivity, visualization, and intuition.

About Lauren Vaknine

Lauren Vaknine is a health writer, holistic wellness coach, and speaker. At only 23 months old she was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and was wheelchair-bound by 18 and on chemotherapy.

After spending a decade in intensive self-study, Lauren used a root-cause, integrative, mind-body approach to recondition her mind and body back to health. By age 29 she was in remission and began her career in integrative health and coaching.

Lauren’s free articles, talks, podcast, and recipes are all created to encourage people to live their healthiest, happiest lives.

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