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For nearly a decade, Pam Wild suffered from a mysterious debilitating illness that left her unable to talk, chew food, or move without horrible pain. Despite consulting with numerous physicians and specialists, her condition remained a mystery and her symptoms remained.

Treating a mysterious illness

After years spent trying everything conventional medicine has to offer, Pam made the choice to become her own doctor. A registered nurse and massage therapist, she knew a thing or two about research and analyzing data. But Pam still couldn’t figure out the root cause of her own complex condition.

Utilizing her knowledge of medicine, biohacking, and alternative medicine, Pam researched, experimented, and compared data to see what worked.

Finding the root cause

She went fully holistic, trying everything from Gerson therapy and homeopathy to Chinese herbs, coffee enemas, and IV nutrients. Pam spent a full year eliminating trigger foods and supporting her pancreas and gallbladder. And little by little, her symptoms began to subside.

I started to have to research all of this stuff for my gallbladder and my pancreas. And I know more about the gallbladder and the pancreas than I ever wanted to. But that’s what you have to do if no one is coming up with an answer for you.

– Pam Wild

But it was only after undergoing treatment for 15 serious dental infections that she made her miraculous recovery. Although Pam suffered for years, she was ultimately lucky in that she found the root cause of her illness. But too few patients are able to take this approach of self-care and trial and error.

As doctors continue to treat symptoms and ignore the root cause, we will, unfortunately, be stuck in a sick care system. One that thrives on pain management and acute injury and fails when it comes to prevention and chronic illness.

About Pam Wild

Pam Wild was completely disabled for eight years, unable to talk, chew food, use her arms, or get around without horrible pain. Does this sound familiar? After years of struggling and trying everything conventional medicine has to offer, she finally made a miraculous recovery after undergoing treatment for dental infections. Read her full story here on Medical News Today.

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