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A work deadline looms. “I’m going to need those TPS reports, ASAP,” your boss tells you. Within minutes of burying your head into your work, your social media notifications ping. You check your missed calls, texts and email. Clearly, multitasking is a productivity kryptonite.

Is it possible, then, to sharpen your focus apart from the obvious recommendations of doing crossword puzzles and other brain games? You’re likely already aware that meditation apps, getting regular exercise and getting more sleep can help. Aside from these tried-and-true yet trite tips, is there a simple way to boost mental health and mental focus?

Is There A Safe & Effective Focus-Boosting Supplement?

A magic weight loss pill—with no side effects—remains elusive. But is there a golden unicorn supplement that supports cognitive function and sharpens focus; one that’s safe and effective for different subsets of people?

Sales of nootropics, also called cognitive enhancers or smart drugs, topped $10 billion in 2021, according to Polaris Market Research. However, many nootropics, both synthetic and natural, may not be effective nor safe.

For example, the most ubiquitous nootropic, caffeine, can cause anxiety or exacerbate it, and may cause heartbeat irregularities. Over-the-counter synthetic compounds called racetams (example: piracetam) have been shown to be effective for older people already showing signs of cognitive decline. However, in younger cohorts, racetam results are mixed.

As for prescription nootropics, they may be effective for people with attention-deficit disorders. Side effects such as insomnia and high blood pressure have been reported in younger people who have taken prescription-strength nootropics.

Nadovim: The Secret To Supporting The Brain’s Energetic Center

Nadovim is a nootropic supplement that’s the first one to be doctor-formulated; clinically-tested and available without a prescription. It contains a critical compound called Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+).

Thanks to Nadovim, sharpening your focus may indeed be as easy as popping a capsule, all thanks to NAD+. This is because the compound, which is in every cell of the human body, brain cells included, helps boost brain energy.

Every cell in the body has a power-generating part of the cell called the mitochondria. Poor mitochondrial function in the brain is the equivalent of a rolling energy blackout in the summer. In order to sharpen your focus, you need to resupply your brain cells with NAD+, which is arguably the most important coenzyme for mitochondrial energy.

Thomas K. Szulc, M.D., Medical Director at New York Center for Innovative Medicine, is board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine, and the formulator behind Nadovim.

Dr. Szulc’s formulation also contains other cognitive-function-supporting coenzymes; herbs such as bacopa and cat’s claw; minerals; and amino acids. The ingredients in the two-capsule-per-day dosage have been shown in research studies to support cognition, memory and focus. This is an instance when the doctor’s maxim, “take 2 capsules a day and call me in the morning” is befitting.

How Does Nadovim Work To Sharpen Focus?

In order to boost attention span and be bulletproof against this distracted world, you need to support overall brain health. Nadovim accomplishes this by increasing kinase activity, neuronal synthesis, restoration of synaptic activity and nerve impulse transmission. In simpler words, it boosts cognitive function.

Other ways that Nadovim helps sharpen your focus is by stimulating the production of dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline. The result is not only a bulwark against a distracted mind, it’s also a boon for mood and stress-relief.

Like an apple sitting on the kitchen counter, browning and rotting from oxygenation, our brains are also vulnerable to oxidative stress. By boosting mitochondrial function, the ingredients in Nadovim lower oxidative stress in the brain.

Not only may Nadovim act as a neuroprotectant and boost your focus, it may also help with impulse control and addiction.

attention span and focus

How To Increase Your Attention Span If You Work From Home

If you work from home, there’s no shortage of distractions to derail productivity. Snack breaks, cleaning, laundry and other chores often take precedence over work, deadlines be damned! In order to sharpen your focus while working from home, compartmentalize your day into 5 sections:

  • Morning wellness routine – Set aside two 10-minute periods. One for meditation (use a meditation app for guidance) and the other for movement (yoga, tai chi, walking, etc.) This morning ritual will start you off on the right foot.
  • Work day – This is the time for deep work. However, don’t go more than two hours without taking a mini break for stretching and/or deep breathing. Set alarms on your smartphone or desktop to alert you that it’s time for a 3-5 minute mini break.
  • Free time/family time – Try to finish your work at roughly the same time everyday. When work is over — it’s never over, but you need to know when to set it aside for the day — take time for yourself. Learn how to play an instrument; learn a new language, go exercise, meditate again or journal. Make sure you connect with family. Be present in the moment. Have conversations and keep your phone in another room.
  • Social media – After dinner is over and perhaps after the kids have gone to bed, if you must keep up with the Joneses on social media, use this time to do so. You can also visit professional networking sites (LinkedIn).
  • Nighttime wellness routine – Hooked on a favorite show? Try to finish watching it by 10 p.m. Then place your phone in airplane mode and turn off all blue-light-emitting devices. To prepare for a restful sleep, squeeze 5-10 minutes for conscious breathing/meditation. Then you can read for a little bit before you start feeling sleepy. Try to have lights out by 11 p.m. every night. 
  • At the end of the day, the biggest factor in sharpening your focus is to reduce stimuli. Optimize your workplace by removing any distracting gadgets and accouterments. Don’t think about the social media updates you’re missing. Modern life makes focusing on work challenging. However, supplementing with Nadovim and breaking your day  into specific segments may help you easily sharpen your focus.


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