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Lighten Your Environmental Toxic Load By Reducing EMF Exposure In Your Home

Your concern about EMF exposure is legitimate. No, it’s not all in your head and you’re not a tinfoil-hat-wearing crazy person. After all, you would never wear aluminum on your head because of the neurological risks associated with it.

If you’ve been made to feel that you’re too sensitive and your reactions to EMF exposure are psychosomatic, know this: Science supports what you already know. In fact, research suggests electromagnetic radiation may cause the generation of hazardous by-products in your body known as reactive oxygen species (ROS).

If you have a compromised immune system, say because of chronic Lyme Disease, ROS is more likely to damage cells and tissues in your body. As a result, proteins, lipids, and the mechanism that instructs your trillions of cells how to survive and reproduce—your DNA—can become damaged. The result is premature aging.

It’s for this reason that Turkish researchers writing in The Journal of Microscopy & Ultrastructure said, “Lifetime exposure to EMF is becoming the subject of significant scientific investigation since it has the potential to cause crucial changes and deleterious effects in biological systems.”

However, obsessively worrying about EMF exposure is counterproductive. Every time you talk on your cell phone, don’t freak out that you’re going to get brain cancer. (There’s no convincing scientific evidence showing a link.) But on the other hand, suppose that EMF exposure causes you to be more, say, irritable, anxious or depressed, or causes headaches. Then it’s helpful to learn how to reduce the potentially deleterious effects of EMFs.

How To Reduce EMF Exposure From Cell Phones

Let’s begin by taking steps to reduce your EMF radiation exposure from a device that you probably use the most…

For starters, if you use your mobile phone a lot for what phones were originally intended for—talking—then consider using a landline exclusively for calls. If someone calls you on your cell phone, tell them you’ll call them right back on the other line (the landline). If you want to reduce your EMF exposure as much as possible, get a corded landline. Even using a cordless phone will emit lower levels of radiofrequency radiation than a smartphone.

If having a conversation on a cell phone is absolutely necessary, don’t hold the phone directly to your ear. Instead, use the speakerphone or a headset. But not just any headset will do. Opt for a corded headset instead of a wireless one.

In addition, when you don’t need wi-fi, put your phone in airplane mode. Airplane mode disables all sources of wireless communication, thus reducing EMF exposure. Bluetooth technology also emits EMF radiation. So make sure that Bluetooth is disabled in your settings.

When it comes to limiting all sources of EMF exposure, you have the most control over your smartphone.

Reducing EMF Exposure From Other Wireless Devices

You can also control how much electromagnetic radiation is being emitted from your home by smartly placing your wi-fi router. If possible, place the wireless router in a room that you do not enter often such as a utility or laundry room. However, if you’re in a small apartment and the wi-fi devices have to be nearby, you can simply unplug it when you’re not using it.

In addition, you can have the benefits of using the Internet without the wi-fi EMF radiation by using an Ethernet (wired) connection.

If you must use Wi-fi throughout the day, consider investing in microcrystalline devices that neutralize EMFs. These devices can be placed on your desktop or laptop. You can also use them on other electronic devices such as baby monitors, and even microwave ovens.

(When it comes to microwaves; when in use, step outside the room if possible, or at least go to the other side of the room.)

There are other EMF protection products such as an EMF bed canopy and EMF-shielding curtains. If you have multiple chemical sensitivity or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS), these devices may prevent the negative health effects caused by EMF signals that you can’t turn off such as cell phone towers.

If you have a smart meter outside your home, consider EMF-shielding elements like copper. (Or have a professional do it for you.) You can also hire an electrician to place copper on electrical wiring in your home, which is another source of EMF exposure.

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Sleep Soundly By Minimizing EMF Exposure

EMFs can negatively impact the production of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. Chronic lack of restful sleep puts you at an increased risk of cardiovascular problems and reduced immune function. Thus, minimize the number of electronic devices in your bedroom. Place your phone on airplane mode for at least one hour before you try to fall asleep, and if possible, put your cell phone in another room at night. If you need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning, purchase an analog one that does not emit EMF radiation. Just as eliminating synthetic preservatives and added sugars in the diet may improve health, lowering your EMF exposure may help make you feel more balanced.

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