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We have the ability to heal ourselves from any kind of illness. This likely isn’t news to you. We have all heard of—or experienced stories of miraculous healings and recovery in which a patient comes back from an illness that was deemed a death sentence by a doctor. So what exactly is at the root of this spontaneous healing?


According to Shin Keough, creator of the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed, these miraculous healings should be the rule, not the exceptions. It is deep-rooted self-limiting beliefs that get us sick in the first place and interfere with our recovery. We have been trained to believe that we are destined to grow old, get sick, and die, and only certain prescribed medications can offer palliative care.

This belief has robbed us of our innate healing potential and left many hopeless, lost, and scared when faced with a chronic or terminal diagnosis.

How to Uplevel Your Thinking

By shifting our consciousness, we can rewrite our habituated thoughts and beliefs to be self-affirming ones of healing and empowerment. As Shin explains, many therapies exist to instill in people this healing mindset. Simple practices like meditation and affirmations or therapies like, acupuncture, reiki, and of course, the quantum resonance crystal bed all help bring us to a parasympathetic state that opens up the mind to the power of suggestion.

If we can give the cells, during that phase of reproduction, a consistent vibration and a consistent frequency to work with, when they reproduce, they’ll then reproduce with that new frequency and not the old one — thereby allowing greater health.

– Shin Keough

What is the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed?

The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed is an energy medicine-based technology that incorporates crystals, phototherapy, Royal Rife frequencies, pulsed electromagnetic fields, binaural sounds, as well as the therapeutic actions of orgone and essential oils all specified and coordinated for each individual patient. By sending information directly to the cells and DNA, this therapy helps reestablish homeostasis and increases the body’s innate ability to heal.

About Shin Keough

A self-taught engineer and entrepreneur, Shin Keough formed the company Quantum Resonance which develops the multi-modal crystal bed. His primary focus with the system is for the improved health of his clients.

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