There is a growing acknowledgment of the vital importance dental health plays on the overall well-being of a patient. Limiting the use of toxic materials in dental procedures and accurately identifying dental foci is a wonderful step towards smarter dental practices, but biological dentistry goes beyond this, and the interrelation of dental problems and specific organs/systems is now a concept necessary for everyone to understand.

This recorded web event dives into the field of biological dentistry, and provides great insight into how dental issues may impact overall health.

“Biological dentists view the mouth as the gateway to the body, and understand teeth affect every organ in the body. As we learn more about the body as a whole, we realize the influences of the head and neck have a dramatic effect on the rest of the body. Meaning any chronic or deep infections in the teeth, or any biologically hazardous dental materials have far reaching implications – there are no barriers in the body that will not allow for the consequences of dentistry.”

Key Points:

  • Patient is viewed as a whole of which the teeth are but one outgrowth, not separate entities
  • Toxicity, chronic infections, poor root-canals, and other past procedures all have far reaching implications for full body health
  • Mercury exposure mitigation during extraction & inputting of only biocompatible materials
  • The mouth is connected to the body, organ, and systems, in many important ways
  • Food, stress, emotional status, lymphatic system, ability to detoxify – all determine how treatment may be customized
  • Ozone is a natural safe way to eliminate pathogens in the mouth
  • Supplementation and biological medicine in dentistry
  • Dental/heart connection – inflammation caused by plaque (bacteria around the teeth) leads to bacteria and plaque in the arteries of the heart

Resources / Office Websites:

Download the “Dental Relation Chart” (pdf)
distribution to patients allowed

Guest Speakers: Philip Mollica, MS, DMD, NMD / Carla Yamashiro, DDS, NMD, IBDM / Burr Bakke, DDS / Jill Morris, DMD
recorded date: February 11, 2015

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