Innovative Medicine 2.0 – New Site Now Live!


We’re incredibly excited to launch our new, re-engineered site with more information and resources on a new paradigm of medicine that is changing the way we heal. Although Innovative Medicine has been around for over 10 years, this feels like a new start in some ways for us. Here’s a short message from our Co-Founder, Caspar Szulc, as well as a little more on where we’ve been, and where we’re now going.

The Past 10+ Years

Since 2004, and in all honesty actually many years before that with the medical research that Dr. Szulc has been working on most of his life, we’ve been sort of like mad scientists in the lab, testing and developing systems based on a whole new way of approaching medicine. In this time we’ve helped develop a proprietary system of integrative personalized medicine (Bioresonance Analysis of Health), fine tuned the tool kit of viable therapeutic options that provide the best results (our solutions), connected with thousands of patients and practitioners to hear them out and get a good pulse on the current state of both conventional and alternative medicine, create new scientific understandings of health and how we heal (CPPI), and even helped open a center where Innovative Medicine is clinically applied (the New York Center for Innovative Medicine). But with these pieces in place, we’re now ready to take the next step. Which is….

Innovative Medicine 2.0 – The Next Chapter in Medicine

With the launch of this website, we enter the next chapter for us. While in the past we were selective and laying low, we now are ready to open the doors to everyone, and spread the message that is Innovative Medicine. We’re such believers in the message, and have seen the results of what is possible through this incredibly unique and groundbreaking approach to medicine, that we want to let everyone in on the secret, and involve as many people as possible. We’ll be sharing much more with the world, connecting with as many people as possible, and curating valuable content not found elsewhere. The balls are also in motion for the development of new products, creation of classes, expansion of medical centers, and that’s just the beginning, so stay tuned.

With that, we invite you to create an account with us, and be a part of what we believe is the next [r]evolution in medicine.

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2 replies
  1. Nalini Kaul
    Nalini Kaul says:

    Hi Casper,
    Congratulations on opening up!
    Its about time world recognises energy medicine, definitely innovative and gives it a place & standing of its own.
    Love & blessings.
    DDr. Nalini kaul.

    • Caspar Szulc
      Caspar Szulc says:

      Thank you, Dr. Kaul! Appreciate the support and looking forward to working together to further spread the message.


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