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New Delhi, INDIA, April 27, 2014 — Innovative Medicine, in collaboration with the Quantum Institute for Wellbeing based in New Delhi, India, conducted a special one day seminar entitled “Bioresonance Analysis of Health: An Introduction to Quantum Information Medicine“. This unique event exposed B.A.H., an advanced diagnostic and evaluation system, to a group of leading physicians in India.

The event was a definitive success, leaving practitioners with a better understanding of the opportunities available today in quantum information medicine and personalized integrative care. After participating in the full day lecture, demonstration, and Q&A session, physicians were asked to leave feedback on their impression of B.A.H. and Quantum Medicine. Here are some of the general thoughts on the event:

  • “Excellent day. A new experience.”
  • “Exciting frontiers opening.”
  • “Different experience, something I always knew existed.”
  • “Me being physicist – theory of resonance is great. Use to human body in quantum physics. Good results can be achieved.”
  • “Incredible to have finally got a practical way of putting all CAM modalities together for benefitting patients.”
  • “Outstanding experience!”
  • “Eye opener – had heard about this but didn’t think it could be scientifically done.”
  • “Excellent program. Very challenging. Something totally new. Looks promising in the future.”

A Significant Opportunity in India

Bioresonance Analysis of Health provides a significant opportunity to physicians and healthcare professionals in India. With it’s strong spiritual heritage, India serves as the optimal place to practice a new paradigm of medicine that embraces both Western and Eastern therapies, and allows for healing of the body, mind, and soul in an advanced manner that repeatedly achieves remarkable results. In the process, B.A.H. also bridges the gap of the shortfall between demand and supply in healthcare, improving efficiency of treatments and reducing costs.

Main points of B.A.H. in India

  • B.A.H. is a comprehensive system that embraces new scientific findings in quantum physics and molecular biology to identify all areas of dysfunction (physical, biochemical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual) and achieve personalized treatment programs.
  • B.A.H. is dynamic and allows the practitioner to identify which treatment is best suited to the individual patient – including ayurvedic medicine, yoga, spiritual therapies, Indian homeopathy, Indian diet, etc.
  • B.A.H. is based on quantum principles applied to the medical field and can improve the efficacy of the existing medical treatments by making diagnostics more accurate, treatments more effective and reducing costs.

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