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The fountain of youth is already within us. It just needs replenishing. A non-invasive, anti-aging procedure called NAD IV Therapy may be the source our bodies need to function with sharp mental focus and prodigious physical energy well into old age.

What is NAD?

In order to understand the benefits of NAD IV therapy, we first need to get acquainted with what may very well be our body’s most important anti-aging molecule: NAD.

NAD (also referred to as NAD+) stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.

To understand what NAD is, a brief chemistry lesson is required. If flashbacks to high school chemistry class triggers bad memories then no worries. We’ll keep it simple…

NAD is a coenzyme, which is a compound that kick-starts enzymes and vitamins into action. NAD is found in each and every trillions of your cells. It’s involved in hundreds of chemical processes that generate energy in several critical organs.

Perhaps you remember from chemistry class something called the cellular mitochondria. The mitochondria is like a mini power-generating station in your cells. In order to feel energetic and mentally sharp, you need NAD to help keep the mitochondria functioning at optimal strength.

Due to the natural aging process, however, NAD levels in the body plummet. Without this co-factor serving as a catalyst for cellular energy, we age because of pervasive destruction to our genetic material, DNA.

Thus, by receiving an infusion of NAD IV therapy, the aging process may be delayed. Obviously, NAD IV Therapy won’t help you live forever. But it may help you enjoy a quality of life that evaporates for many people as they reach their 70s and beyond.

But you don’t have to wait until you’re a senior citizen to experience the possible benefits of NAD IV therapy.

The Research-Backed Benefits of NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV Therapy works at the cellular level by restoring the function of the mitochondria. When mitochondrial function is optimized, ATP is able to be cashed in, so to speak. You see, ATP is to the cells what money is in a savings account; it’s the chemical energy stored in the mitochondria. The aging process robs your cells of ATP.

Thus, if you want to play a round of golf or walk up a steep flight of stairs without getting winded when you’re a centenarian, you may need supplemental NAD.

But NAD not only supports cellular energy that makes us feel, well, more energetic. The coenzyme also helps prevent cognitive decline. This is because our brains require NAD to facilitate chemical reactions that support mental clarity and focus.

This is why several research studies (such as this 2020 study published in Experimental Gerontology) support NAD+ for cognitive function and overall wellness.

Like probiotic therapy, NAD therapy is relatively new. With the first studies occuring in the early 1990s, its potential applications are still being discovered. But the preliminary research suggests that receiving an intravenous infusion of NAD+ may:

What Causes NAD+ Depletion?

NAD is created from niacin (vitamin B3) in organs such as the brain, liver, kidney as well as the nervous system. In addition to the aging process, our lifestyle choices can affect NAD+ levels. Environmental pollution, poor diet, chronic stress and lack of exercise may all play a part in NAD depletion.

How Does NAD IV Therapy Work?

When you swallow a supplement, it has to bypass the highly acidic gastric juices of the stomach before being absorbed. In comparison, with NAD IV Therapy, the anti-aging molecule travels directly to your brain. When you receive the therapy, a relatively high dose of NAD+ is delivered into your bloodstream via an IV drip.

How soon you’ll notice the effects as well as how many treatments you’ll need is determined by an Innovative Medicine practitioner on an individual basis.

You can receive NAD IV therapy to address specific health concerns such as chronic fatigue or other medical conditions. Or, you can just receive it to support overall wellness and homeostasis. That’s because NAD+ neutralizes radical oxygen species (ROS) that contribute to cellular death, including the neurons.

In the short term, after receiving NAD IV therapy sessions, your body will become more capable of producing energy and will continue to do so in the long run, with compounding results.

Sir, You Need More Sirtuins

If you’re hankering for another chemistry lesson, here’s how NAD+ works to help your body be more resilient against stress. There’s a type of protein involved in regulating cellular activities including the aging and death of cells. These proteins are called sirtuins.

An enzyme called Sirt1 activates sirtuins and keeps the telomeres in DNA healthy. Telomeres are like the plastic caps at the end of shoe strings. If your plastic caps become destroyed, your shoelaces will fall apart. The same is true with your DNA. If the telomeres get destroyed faster than your body can replace or repair them, you will age.

NAD+ solves this aging problem by activating Sirt1. Moreover, there’s a bonus of NAD+ activating Sirt1. The enzyme has been linked to improved sleep quality because it supports the body’s circadian rhythms.

How NAD+ Prevents Free Radical Damage

The anti-aging potential of NAD IV infusion therapy lies in how it attacks free radicals, also known as reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS is cellular waste. And just as digestive problems can occur if we can’t properly eliminate waste, health problems arise if our body is unable to move cellular waste.

When cellular waste accumulates in the body, this is known as oxidative stress. Oxidative stress damages our DNA and other proteins as well as the structural wall of our cells (cell membranes). This free radical damage of our DNA is instrumental in the development of diseases such as cancer. 

Obviously, NAD IV treatment is no surrogate for eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise. However, it may help counteract the deleterious effects of being exposed to toxins in our environment. Although NAD+ IV treatment is not technically considered an antioxidant supplement, it may indirectly have the effect of acting like one.

Are There Side Effects Of NAD IV Therapy?

If the person administering the NAD+ IV drip is inexperienced, the amount of NAD released into the bloodstream can potentially be too much. This could cause side effects such as nausea, cramping, and muscle fatigue. However, an Innovative Medicine medical professional will be well-practiced in administering the IV drip at the optimal level of delivery.


NAD IV Treatment vs NAD Supplementation

When it comes to replenishing your body’s supply of NAD, you have two choices: NAD IV therapy and the supplement, Nadovim. Both are excellent for supporting the body’s defenses against premature aging.If you’re not sure which anti-aging path is right for you, an Innovative Medicine practitioner can guide you in how to best use NAD.


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