The Lecher Antenna – Applied to the Art of Champagne


One of the biggest issues we face in this day and age is assessing the quality of any product. It’s one thing to say that a product is of high quality, but how do we accurately verify this? Enter the Lecher antenna.

A simple and ingenious device, the Lecher antenna (which was invented by Austrian physicist, Ernst Lecher, giving it its name) operates on the principle of resonance. Resonance is a widely known scientific law of physics which states that everything we perceive as matter, including solid food, supplements and other products, is comprised of fields of energy which at the quantum or very tiny level, vibrate at specific frequencies. Einstein later popularized this notion with his famous equation, E=MC2.

Just as a tuning fork, set to a particular tone, will audibly notify its listener whenever a similar harmonic wavelength is being transmitted by means of the well-known phenomenon, acoustic resonance, the Lecher Instrument  will vibrationally notify its user in the presence of certain qualitative frequencies pertaining to organic matter, by a similar and equally well established phenomenon, known as bio-resonance.

What’s this all mean? For those seeking an accurate way to actually measure quality, the Lecher antenna is a game-changer. From medicines and supplements to the food we eat, and even the champagne we drink, we can identify whether any product has qualities that are beneficial for the human body. Here’s a video from French Champagne producer ‘Leclerc Briant’ entitled ‘Vibration‘, in which the Lecher antenna helps to ensure only the highest quality champagne is produced.

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