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Life with Undiagnosed Lyme Disease

Even with excellent grades, relatively good health, and a stable home life, Jaime Jamgochhain knew since she was a child that something was not right within.

Like many patients with undiagnosed Lyme disease, Jaime experienced subtle signs and symptoms at first, like infrequent migraines and the odd day out from school. But when teachers diagnosed her with learning issues and enrolled her in speech and learning comprehension classes, she was certain that something was wrong.

And combining this with toxic mold exposure, Jaime began to experience unexplained weight loss and constant tonsilitis that was managed only by a steady course of antibiotics that she took – not for months – but for years at a time. What was at the root of all these seemingly unrelated symptoms?

Finding a Creative Outlet

In our conversation with Jaime, she shares her powerful story of healing and self-discovery and explains how even during her darkest and most difficult times, her music and her faith kept her strong and encouraged her to heal herself.

Starting in grade school, Jaime found immediate success in her musical abilities, and from this launchpad was able to find success in school as well. Fast forward several years and she is performing on mega stages with some of the biggest names in music, but still, feeling physically ill. Not until this all came crashing down under the weight of full-blown dis-ease did Jaime learn that she was suffering from neurological Lyme disease and would have to take extreme measures in order to overcome this complex condition.

Find the things that make you come alive. Find the strengths … that was key and that was the ticket for the learning, it just switched on the other side of my brain.

Now thriving in health again, Jaime continues to perform her songs around the world, sharing her message of finding your value and purpose in life. She is on the Aspire Women’s event tour and writing her first book. Her latest album, All Things, recounts her most trying days – and ultimate healing from Lyme disease.

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