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The Prominence of Lyme Disease

CDC statistics show that each year approximately 476,000 Americans are diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease. But many experts believe those numbers are far from the truth and greatly underestimated. And while some are diagnosed with Lyme based on symptoms and testing, many may be infected and exhibit no symptoms.

Dr. Thomas Rau, the Medical Director of BioMed Sonnenberg in Switzerland, has been treating Lyme disease patients for decades. On a recent episode of the ‘Your Health. Your Story.’ podcast, he was asked if it was his belief that Borrelia, the causative bacteria for Lyme Disase, is infecting more people than the data shows but only expresses itself when there is trauma, stress, a lowering of immune system, or a period of unhealthy times. His answer? “In short, yes!”

Many bacteria that exist can be found within the human body and not exhibit as disease, so this is not a shocking claim. Dr. Rau goes on to say that in areas similar to that of Lyme, Connecticut, found in Germany and Switzerland, researchers have found that 95% of healthy children tested positive for Borrelia in serum lab tests, yet exhibited no Lyme symptoms.

I would say 90% of my Lyme patients come to us – they are toxic or they have a severe dysbiosis due to the side effect of the antibiotics. 

– Dr. Thomas Rau

Lyme and Toxicity

Dr. Rau makes a case that Borrelia thrives in toxic environments. “We did research and we found in these Lyme patients, on average, a much higher heavy metal, especially lead cadmium, and mercury. And even more important and interesting is we found in 25% of our Lyme Stage 3 patients, we found a deficiency to detoxify the body. They either had glutathione S-transferase lack. A genetic deficiency. Or they had methyltransferase lack, folate transferase lack, so they could not detoxify the body.”

Detoxification and restoration of the biological terrain is therefore of utmost importance in Lyme disease patients.

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