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For eight years, Pam Wild suffered from a mysterious debilitating illness that left her unable to talk, chew food, use her arms, or get around without horrible pain.

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Invisible Illness

A registered nurse and massage therapist, Pam knew a thing or two about research and analyzing data. But what she couldn’t figure out was the cause of her own puzzling condition.

After years of struggling and trying everything conventional medicine has to offer, Pam went fully holistic, trying everything from Gerson therapy and homeopathy to Chinese herbs and IV nutrients. But it was only after undergoing treatment for 15 serious dental infections that she made her miraculous recovery.

Why dental infections?

Although routinely performed, oral surgeries can contribute to a number of health concerns including cardiovascular disease. Several studies show a “composite status” of poor oral health; i.e. cavities, tooth loss, periodontal disease, and root canals are linked with an elevated risk of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, and even kidney and liver failure.

Contrary to popular belief, our teeth our organs, and like all organs, they play a role in the health of every other organ in the body. When these organs are infected or worse, rotted and embalmed (as with a root canal), a breeding ground for bacteria is formed that can contribute to many conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

Fortunately, thanks to biological dentistry, root canals can be removed so that the root cause is literally extracted and allows the body to regain its former health.

I knew what it took to be healthy. But what I didn’t know was that I had undergone some procedures that had left me very vulnerable. And I had a lot of toxins in my system and a lot of poison which led me to where I got very, very sick.”

– Pam Wild

About Pam Wild

Pam Wild was completely disabled for eight years, unable to talk, chew food, use her arms, or get around without horrible pain. Does this sound familiar? After years of struggling and trying everything conventional medicine has to offer, she finally made a miraculous recovery after undergoing treatment for dental infections. Read her full story here on Medical News Today.

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