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NES nutri energetics systemNES Nutri-Energetics Systems is a non-invasive clinical device for computerize analysis of the human body-field (HBF). Based off the research of Peter Fraser and Harry Massey, the device is capable of “mapping” the structure of the human body-field and encode this information into computer software.

The NES system is designed to read, communicate with, and stimulate a change in the energy of the patient. It does this in a variety of ways, but primarily through the sophisticated software that communicates with the part of the body on which it is placed, by sending weak electrical signals to the spot, and then it ‘listens’ to the body’s response from those signals.

How does the Nutri-Energetics Systems work?
NES nutri-energetics systemsA patient places his or her hand on the input device, the QED field information that makes up the patients human body-field is carried via subatomic particles to the computer, where the practitioner then compares the patient’s body-field with the map of the optimal human body-field that is encoded in the software. The system identifies any deviations between the client’s field and the optimal HBF. These deviations represent damage, blocks, or distortions in the client’s field. The system then makes recommendations for the NES Infoceuticals that can restore the human body-field.

Wherever there is a blockage in the energy flow or some other problem, the skin in that area becomes more magnetic or sticky, which is detected by the NES System. As the patient is stimulated in that particular area, the body’s magnetic quality will begin to change, indicating to the device when the body has responded and created its healing reaction.

By putting energy back into the specific area at issue, the NES system can then raise the electrical potential of those cells, restoring them over time to their normal, optimal functioning. This also stimulates the nervous system, sending a signal to the brain to direct resources to that particular part of the body as part of the natural healing response.

In essence, the NES System restores energy efficiency to the body by utilizing specific frequencies that synchronize energy usage, based on the specific frequencies mapped to each organ, system and sub-system of the body. This results in improved well being.

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