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On November 4th and 5th, the NYCIM medical staff received training on Extra-Corporeal Blood Ozonation and Oxygenation (EBOO or EBO2). Also known as Ozone Dialysis, EBOO is a cutting-edge therapy that combines intravenous oxygenation, dual ozonation, and ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy, simultaneously. We are proud to announce that we will soon be among only a select few clinics in the United States that offer this advanced therapy.

How Does it Work?

As cellular waste and debris attach to proteins and fat in the blood, they circulate throughout our blood, easily bypassing the filtration system of the kidneys and liver. However, EBOO utilizes the disinfectant capabilities of ozone, oxygen, and ultraviolet radiation to neutralize pathogens and remove toxins.

Similar to dialysis which cleans the blood by passing it through a filter, EBOO purifies the blood by exposing it to ozone and UBI before returning it to the body, often several shades lighter than before.

Unlike other forms of major autohemotherapy, EBOO works in a closed loop to improve sterility and allow for more blood (approx. 2 Liters) to pass through in a single session, which typically lasts about an hour. Another advantage of EBOO is the use of UBI to help remove cellular debris and reduce the side effects of detoxification. EBOO has been evaluated in clinical studies and is commonly used to treat Lyme disease, mold toxicity, viral infections, and cardiovascular diseases.

We are excited to introduce this cutting-edge therapy to our patients and look forward to the tremendous results. For more information on whether you are a candidate for EBOO treatment at our clinic, please take the following assessment or contact us

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